Boycott the Bank ????????

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  • artcritic

    Should people Boycott the Bank? Watch video link below and see

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Seven years ago, during the banking collapse, this might have had an impact.
  • Listener

    The banks are one step ahead -

    Withdrawing funds - there is a limit of the amount of cash that you can withdraw from the bank on any given day, if you want to withdraw a larger amount then you must call and arrange it beforehand.

    Phone Calls - Banks have their call centres set up into separate area, debt recovery would be a different area and not affected by enquiry calls

    Withholding payments - you will end up with a hefty penalty fee and the banks will be laughing

  • artcritic

    I Agree with you listener. Do you know about FREE MAN ON THE LAND?

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