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    Here this the first of somethings I found over there. Many active jw's have stated that there is no relationship with NGO's and the UN. Sorry guys the proof is in the pudding. My comments will be in blue, much easier to differentiate.(sp?) BTW bold is mine

    Press Release SG/SM/6320 NGO/294 PI/1027 10 September 1997


    Following is the text of the opening address delivered today by Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the Fiftieth Annual Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organization (DPI/NGO) Conference, meeting on the theme "Building Partnerships":

    This Conference celebrates an anniversary, but it also marks a new era. We celebrate 50 years of what has become an annual event; but this year we also recognize that a profound change has occurred.

    In 1947, the Member States of the United Nations were virtually the sole actors in the international process. Non-governmental organizations were seen as supporters and allies of the United Nations. They were important, but in a relatively modest way. They were seen, above all, as mobilizers of public opinion in support of the unique goals and values of the Charter of the United Nations.

    Today, that relationship has been transformed. As the title of this Conference recognizes, the relationship today is one of partnership. Non- governmental organizations are now seen as essential partners of the United Nations, not only in mobilizing public opinion, but also in the process of deliberation and policy formulation and -- even more important -- in the execution of policies, in work on the ground.

    I spoke a moment ago about Somalia. There, for a number of years, the United Nations and NGOs have worked in partnership on the ground.

    We are engaged in a new dialogue with the private sector. An exchange of expertise, knowledge, advice and data is under way.

    Non-governmental organizations dealing with human rights have been essential partners with the United Nations in the rebuilding of civil society after conflict in such countries as Cambodia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

    The involvement of local government leaders, of mayors and of officials of provincial administrations from many countries has been crucial in United Nations programmes on governance. There is an important ongoing dialogue with them.

    The crucial importance of elected parliamentarians as partners in the realization of our common goals has been recognized by the close relationship now established between the United Nations and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

    The positive effects of globalization include the huge growth and development of NGOs, easier access to information and the free exchange of people and ideas; but the downside of globalization includes these new global threats.

    To combat them, international civil society must mobilize. That is why we must all -- Member States, governmental and inter-governmental bodies, and non-governmental organizations -- work together in partnership.

    Our partnership is, therefore, not an option but a necessity, if the new global agenda is to be effectively addressed.

    I congratulate you on the progress that has been made in defining the rights and responsibilities of non-governmental organizations.

    Already, many States are focusing on the necessary legislative frameworks. These arrangements include provision for tax exemption -- in other words fiscal privileges -- but they also address and define the responsibilities of not-for-profit organizations.

    I wish you well in your deliberations. This is a historic conference. We are staking out new territory.

    For both the threatened and the threatening, it makes a difference to know that the world is watching, and that it cares. Hehe I liked that finale, WTBTS we are watching you

    There is a big difference in the role of being a partner and just using an org to "further your work" No doubt the NGO's were notifed of this conference and the line is clearly drawn, "you are part of us now." If a press release was made, then the WTBTS cannot tell us they did not know of this conference and the contents of it. The title alone would draw anyone to read the contents.

    OK, I be back later

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    WOW, Wendy. Good work indeed. Yes, this is an important change. The WTS has until this week been in a partnership with the image of the Beast. How does this differentiate them from other religions as "whoring with" the beast?

    - Jan
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    Did the society take their name off of that list or something?
    If so, what now?

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    Wow, excellent sluething, Wendy! So not only have they been "associating" with the UN, they have also been "partners" with the UN.

    Do you have a link where you found that? I'd like to save the original.

  • hawkaw


    Mad Apostate found some outstanding "partnership" quotes.

    He posted them on the "big" thread that deals with the United Nations, WTS and NGO.

    Go read them over.

    I think it is a huge find but few have actually, up unitil this point even acknowledged it.


    Go read the letter at Kent's site regarding DPI and the WTS.


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    Oops I forget the URL...sorry
    I don't know why it shows up so large, probably because it is from the search option.(just edited for new URL) Also I did not post the entire conference speach, that can be found there. I only posted the info above. I did this because I thought everyone would fall asleep reading all of it...

    I rememeber reading those on the original thread. Basically I am just scouring to see if the WTBTS benefited from this arrangement. And I happened to find this along the way. I posted this for anyone who think that being on a "list" is the only association that the WTBTS had with the UN. Clearly it is not.
    edited because Moxy's is WAY better!

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