Wife just found out I won't be attending the Memorial this year!

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  • FadeToBlack

    My wife is staying with 'friends' out of town recovering from surgery on her foot. I called to see how she was healing up and mentioned that I hope she gets back on her feet before I leave for the states to visit family (all non-witness) in April. I begged her to postpone this surgery until I got back, but she did not forsee any problems.We will see.

    Anyway, it dawned on her that I won't be here to attend the memorial and she said: you are probably happy about that. I paused for a second and then responded that yes, I was happy about it. I then explained to her that I was so disgusted with last years jw-org infomercial excuse for a memorial that I wanted to walk out but didn't because I did not want to embarass her. She started to blather on about how close we are to 'the end' and we need stick together, but I cut her off and changed the subject to something else. Not a conversation to have over the phone.

    I could hear the sadness in her voice, but what could I do? I refuse to be a door-mat for these people any longer. I will try to be polite while firm. If she wants to talk about it, we can. I think she still has some hope that eventually I will come to my senses but I need to make it clear to her that I already have and that is why I'm not going back.

  • Honesty

    Does she know about the recent child abuse cases that the cult has lost?

    How about the UN 'library' card?

    What does she think about the new 'donation' arrangement?

  • FadeToBlack


    Of those three issues, the only one that has any chance of making any impact is the child abuse. But even with that, she will probably choose to play the 'wait on JHVH' card. I have already mentioned the Candace Conti case but did not press it. I was thinking about inviting her to watch the recent PBS piece but I may have undermined any remaining credibility I had by admitting I was happy not to be going to the memorial this year.


    The cultiness of the WT "studies" are getting worse. "Stick together", eh??? Yeah, that's the WT study...

    Today it was pretty watchtarded. They just don't see it. I feel your pain. I have to tell the wife that I won't be contributing $$$$ to the Pedo-fund.


  • Awake at last
    Awake at last
    That is OK to say, "Wait on Jehovah", in child abuse cases, but the children in this organisation cannot wait on Jehovah for even one more day, that is how serious this is. TODAY is the day to take decisive action on this matter. TODAY is the day to walk out and take your children with you or just walk out yourself. Vote with your feet, your brains and most importantly your money. Get out of her my people if you do not want to share in her sins (crimes).
  • joe134cd
    Honestly don't act like an ass with her. I think confirming that your happy not going would of been upsetting for her to hear. You can save yourself a lot of heart ah and stress by keeping your mouth shut.
  • Vidiot

    James Mixon - "That is OK to say, "Wait on Jehovah", in child abuse cases, but the children in this organisation cannot wait on Jehovah for even one more day, that is how serious this is."

    My Mom has occasionally played the "wait on Jehovah" card...


    ...to which I've responded, "how do you know that He isn't allowing these court cases to go forward as His solution? It's not too different from the way he'd punish his 'chosen nation' of Isreal when they got out of line in the Bible..."

  • FadeToBlack

    Excellent point Vidiot. I will add it to my comeback list.

    @Joe134cd: I wasn't being an ass. I just told the truth and gave her a reason why and I put it in a way that implied I 'appreciated' the serious nature of past memorials I attended but did not appreciate the commercial nature of last years JW.org love-fest. Did you happen to have the misfortune to be there last year?

  • sir82

    The Memorial is the easiest one to "fake" your attendance at.

    The crowds are typically 50- 100% larger than a typical meeting, so anyone who doesn't see you just figures you were lost in the crowd. And they certainly aren't going to discuss anything new! So you don't have to worry about getting quizzed on content later.

  • Laika
    Good for you, me neither! Will be the first I've ever missed in my life, I don't even know when it is, and I don't care.

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