JW and homosexuality

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  • chasson

    An article in the french's wikipedia has a problem.

    We can't find a book or an academic article on the problem of JW and homosexuality, so some contributors of wikipedia thinks that our article is not an encyclopedic article.

    You could find the controversy in french here .

    If we can't find some academic research, it will be erased because we have only cited the Jw literrature and some newspaper articles.

    So could you help us.

    Thanks in advance.


  • slimboyfat

    Andrew Holden, Jehovah’s Witnesses: Portrait of a Contemporary Religious Movement, (2002):

    I attended several Kingdom Hall meetings at which homosexuality was referred to as an unnatural perversion. At a public talk that was delivered by a highly enthusiastic young man who aspired to become a pioneer for the Society, I listened to a forty-five minute sermon about whether homosexuals are ‘born that way’ or if their sexual behaviour is learned. At this, as at most Watch Tower sermons, reference was given to the widespread nature of homosexuality, but used only in a way that reinforced the organisation’s own teachings – that is, that the world has become unashamedly wicked. There can be little doubt that it would be very difficult for someone with a gay orientation to remain a Witness without experiencing a great deal of injury to his or her personal identity, not least because the Society fails to distinguish between the homosexual condition and homosexual practice. (Endnote: One couple with whom I spoke told me that they had known several men who were homosexual but had given up their practices on becoming Witnesses. This couple believed that, once a homosexual made a personal vow of celibacy and converted to the Society, his or her homosexual orientation would disappear. To date, this issue appears to be a source of confusion among Witnesses.)” Andrew Holden, Jehovah’s Witnesses: Portrait of a Contemporary Religious Movement, (2002) page 27.


  • ApostasyDuJour

    You may want to try to obtain a copy of the book Jim by June Callwood. It's a Canadian book, out of print, but there were a few used copies available on Amazon. The book is about an early AIDS activist in Canada who was struggling with his homosexuality, his religion (JW), the relationship with his family, and the fact that he was dying from AIDS himself. It's a very sad book, but full of information you're looking for.

  • chasson

    Thanks for your information, you two ;-)



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