The Watchtower Can Be Beaten

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  • metatron

    Let there be no doubt about it.

    The Watchtower Society CAN be beaten. They can lose. They can
    be exposed to public humiliation. They are NOT invincible

    At one time, the Soviet Union had a monolithic, invincible
    appearance. After being defeated in Afghanistan, they never
    recovered their self-confidence. This recent UN fiasco probably
    doesn't mark the Watchtower's final fall from arrogant self
    exultation. Yet, it is significant that if you look carefully
    at the past two or three years, a pattern emerges. They are
    caught in a spiral of social, political, financial, and legal
    woes that never goes away - they are getting nailed again and
    again in the media by exposures generated by cyberwarriors
    who can't be stopped. They're failing the challenge.


  • Kophagangelos

    If it is really from demons and his leader Satan then I hope it!

  • Pathofthorns

    I agree Metatron that the WT is losing and will lose due to the slow and steady exposure of their hypocrisy. Ultimately it is the R&F that give life the WT and it is the illusion that they have created that keeps the lifeblood of the membership alive.

    Once that illusion is exposed, once the membership realizes the emperor has no clothes, that person becomes free and the WT becomes that much weaker. Its existance is people and since few are joining, it at least is dying a slow death.

    I don't think that the 'deathstroke' exists any time in the near future, but I do think with the passing of enough GB members a rift will present itself between the oldschool and the new and the organization will split with many seizing the chance to leave.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi Meta, Path, lurkers,
    There's not question that the internet and its capacity to enable disclosure under the cloak of anonymity is the WTS' worst nightmare. That, plus the inexorable ticking of the clock which undermines their credibility as proprhets with eery passing day, is sawing away at its underpinnings.
    On the long term, and especially once past the Centenary yea of 2014, it seems to be that their fate will come down to mainstreaming or extinction. There are no rabbits left in their bag of tricks, so they will either allow events to drag them kicking and screaming into the larger Family of Man or continue their slide down the slippery slope to oblivion.

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