Knee jerk reaction to "organisation"?

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  • expatbrit

    Hey everyone, I downloaded all your personalities from into my Psych-anal-tron. It noticed something I found interesting: a curious reaction to the word or concept of organisation amongst us apostates.

    It seems whenever the word "organisation", or the concept of "becoming organised" is mentioned, we shy away, repulsed or antagonised. There are reactions like "I just left a high control group, I don't want anything to do with organisations again."

    Is it possible that we are over-reacting about the organisation thing? After all, organisation is necessary in every concept of life. Without it, society would be disorganised at best, and anarchistic at worst. Most of us, I think, are happier if we are personally organised.

    Pathofthorns' thread about a legal organisation of former witnesses received this type of response. But surely the idea is a good one, an organisation that has resources to provide factual commentary upon the bOrg. To me, an organisation like this would be beneficial, and the major difference to the bOrg would be that it would be not controlling.

    I too get the automatic repulsion to the idea of being part of an organised entity concerned with this stuff. But maybe this is an irrational reaction I need to work on. Getting "organised" may be a far more effective way to influence/combat/neutralise the WT.


  • Gopher

    my dos centavos:

    Other threads today have shown that JW.COM already has a powerful influence on WT Society policy and activity, whether anyone in the Borg wants to admit it. Latest example: The UN/NGO membership scandal, and the quick back-pedalling announced yesterday 10/10/01.

    I think we're fine as we are... There are a few effective spokespeople from here whose influence is felt...they push the right buttons, write the right letters, etc.

    I'd rather think of us as a loose association sharing a common interest rather than a formal organization.

    To me, we have an amazing combination of freedom + effectiveness.

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  • Ranchette

    The word organization has an extra meaning to us ex-JWs.
    We use the word organization sometimes interchangably with the Society,WBTS,Religion etc..
    It's just a habit left over from our JW days.

    Organization in the literal sense is a great thing because it helps us accompolish things effecently.
    And there are various good organizations that we can belong to.

    But you are right when we use the word in the first way I described it is usually a negative thing.
    It has every thing to do with our teaching and personal experience.
    Just my thoughts.


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