Why 6 Billion People Deserve to Die in Armageddon

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  • Leolaia

    Jehovah is such a righteous, merciful, loving God -- slow to anger, overflowing with loving kindness and blessing. Yet it somehow bothers many of you that he will shortly execute his judgment on mankind and wipe out 99.9% of the world's population, as if that somehow is supposed to conflict with his loving qualities. Personally, I have no idea why many of you feel this way. He has opened a clear path to salvation for everyone who wants it and Armageddon is actually the best thing that could ever happen to the human race. Jehovah will merely clense the earth of wicked evildoors just as an exterminator would rid a family home of harmful pests. Wouldn't you want to live in a world without war, crime, and injustice? Wouldn't you want to live in our terrestial home -- transformed into a beautiful eternal paradise -- with only those who love peace? What a wonderful gift God has in store! What is bothersome is that so many refuse to mend their ways and seek Jehovah's organization for salvation. Don't they know that Jehovah wants them to have their own pet lion and lakeside chateau on just the other side of Armageddon? Unfortunately, they are bringing their own destruction upon themselves, just as a 700-lb. person literally eats himself or herself to death. Come on, be a Jared -- all you have to do is stop living unheathily (i.e. wasting time watching TV, playing video games, failing to attend the 5 weekly meetings with Jehovah's people, going to school after the age of 18, growing a beard, etc.), come to Jehovah's ark-like organization, and you can eat all the Subway TM sandwiches you want for eternity!

    True, Jehovah will destroy the bad ones who do not change, but who can blame him? They are, after all, bad ones. And even worse -- they don't want to change! (BTW, there are some bad ones who do change, but people like Michael Jackson don't change for the better) Anyway, thankfully Jehovah's organization has provided us a snapshot from the future showing the beautiful "strange work" that our loving Creator is about to unleash:

    You all may be shocked thinking this is a disgusting portrayal of good, innocent people meeting dire ends, but you are thinking worldly thoughts. You have to see it from a theocratic point of view. What this is is actually an accurate portrayal of not-so-innocent worldlings receiving their just reward for a lifetime of wickedness. This is perfectly biblical and perfectly fair. Jehovah is just and when the time comes for the vindication of his name, he will act of prosecutor-judge-executioner for all those who choose not to save themselves by becoming identified with His Organization. So let me show you why these people are really not so innocent and are really getting what they deserve:

    This is Gladys. She works as a maid and lives in Topeka, Kansas. She is actually in the city to take part in a Maidworkers Union conference (thus she is wearing her worker uniform). There are so many things wrong with this I don't know where to start. First of all, she cleans houses FULL TIME. She doesn't clean houses AND pioneer like God expects all people to be doing. What is worse, she decided to go to the Maidworkers Union conference the very same weekend that all God's people were holding their Divine Vengeance District Convention. If she had only gone to the godly convention and worshipped Jehovah, she would have been fine. But she does not worship Jehovah. She is a worldling. She is only interested in supporting a Union that cares only about money and selfish things like eeking out a living. So it is so obvious that she cannot use up Jehovah's precious oxygen any longer!

    This is Larry. He lives in the Big City. He also is not a worshipper of Jehovah, tho he received many chances. One time, a lovely pair of pioneering sisters came to his door while he was running late for work. He did not even have a second to hear about Jehovah's loving warning to him. Another time he did spend about 15 seconds to hear about Jehovah's grand promises. But he said he wasn't interested in "Beets -- The Wonder Vegetable" and articles on "What Should I Do if My Period is Late?" Because he did not heed the warning, he continued his filthy habits. He smokes a pack of Camels a day and for that reason alone, he does not deserve to live. True, by being a heavy cigarette smoker, he already takes up less oxygen than the average person. But by burning those noxious fumes and polluting his own "temple", he is truly someone that is "destroying the earth". And we all know what God will do to those destroying the earth!

    This is Diane. Everyone thinks she is a good, hard-working woman. But Jehovah is not pleased with her because she is a Career Woman. She does not put kingdom interests first. She deceives herself by saying that she needs to work so hard for worldly things because she has a son to support and she is a single parent. First of all, she should have never divorced her ex for all that abuse he was giving her. It does not please Jehovah to break his holy union of marriage for something as trivial as that. She should have known that Ricky would not pay child support anyway, but now it is too late and she cannot make up for her mistake. Well, actually she can because Ricky keeps asking her really nicely and sweetly to come back to him, but she is obstinate and refuses. Jehovah does not like obstinate people. So instead of seeking God's kingdom and pioneering full time while letting Ricky pay the bills, she now must fend for herself and work selfishly for her own wants and needs. For that, she has condemned herself.

    This is Jane. She is an Apostate. She was misled by her own distorted thinking, her own lies and blasphemies, that caused her to turn her back on Jehovah and his organization. She somehow convinced herself that God does not have an organization and that Armageddon is only a fantasy. Well, that fantasy is now real and she is reaping what she has sown. By letting Satan blind her mind to the salvation that God provides, she has only herself to blame for being shut out of the Ark Organization when God's fury is unleashed on the earth. She is the worst of them all because Apostates try to cause others to fall and become lost. In this case, she has cost the life of her own daughter. By becoming an Apostate, she decided to start giving her daughter birthday parties, Christmas, she let her go out trick and treating, and even let her take part in a school play!!! For such Babylonish practices, not only is Jane guilty as charged, but she has even allowed her own daughter to turn her back on Jehovah as well. For being such a horrible mom, she will be justly punished! And as for her nameless daughter, God does not like children who celebrate birthdays and engage in Satanic trick or treating!

    This is Friskie, Jane's cat. Yes, even pets of the Executed will perish as well. In this case, Friskie failed to regularly observe God's law on blood. Each time Friskie caught a rat, lizard, or cockroach, she forgot to pour the blood out to the ground before consuming the flesh. Bad kitty!! Jehovah does not like bad kitties!!

    So you see, it all makes perfect sense!

  • Monkeyironfoot

    It certainly makes perfect sense except for one thing! Jane's cat is actually named Toonces!

  • Highlander

    I like it. I'd love to print this out and send it to my family. I doubt that they would even react to it, other than throwing it away.

  • SacrificialLoon

    Poor kitty. ;_; Why did you have to incur Jehovah's wrath?

  • UnConfused

    ....for not agreeing with the flawless, doctrinly perfect, son's of Jehovah in New York. Disagree even a little and you die.

  • MinisterAmos

    Nice cut work

  • stillajwexelder

    Now come on Leo dont you just know 1 John 4 vs 8 - hey I will even get it from the CD ROM for you


    John4:8) ". . .God is love."
  • hillary_step

    lol....Very good.

    I had never noticed the cat flying in mid-heaven before. Jehovah apparently feels badly for sparrows falling to the earth dead, but is not so moved by chubby pussy cats. Perhaps his eagle-like far-sightedness convinces Him that they would introduce Melamine fever into the New System and he needs to protect his loyal serpents from contamination.

    God bless the 100% polyester suit and all who sail on her.


  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    OMG! There is a cat in the pic! That was a hilarious piece of work, Leolaia! I remember looking at pics like that as a kid and believing the [email protected]! Can't believe adults actually latch on to that mess, but, alas, all my siblings and parents do.

  • Highlander

    Hey, that cat is missing a rear leg. Look closer at the original pic.

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