Antrax rumors-- da band

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  • nytelecom1

    I heard on the radio today
    that the band ANTHRAX was
    changing it name becuase of whats
    going on??..they said the new
    name would be "BAG OF FAGGOTS"

    just curious..

  • joelbear


    a bag of sticks used for kindling?
    UK work for cigarette?

    its not very catchy.

  • expatbrit

    A faggot is also a sausage in the UK.

    Bag of Sausages.

    I agree with Joel.


  • fodeja

    Okay, they're an 80s band, but not _that_ bad. And I like their press release:

    ANTHRAX (the band) Vs. ANTHRAX (the disease)


    In light of current events, we are changing the name of the band to something more friendly, "Basket Full Of Puppies". Actually, just the fact that we are making jokes about our name sucks.

    In the twenty years we've been known as "Anthrax", we never thought the day would come that our name would actually mean what it really means. When I learned about anthrax in my senior year biology class, I thought the name sounded "metal". Everyone in my neighborhood had a band with an "er" name, like "Ripper" or "Deceiver" or "Killers" and I wanted to be different. "Anthrax" sounded cool, aggressive, and nobody knew what it was. Until a few years ago most people thought we'd made it up. Even our album, "Spreading The Disease" was just a play on the name. We were spreading our music to the masses.

    Before the tragedy of September 11th the only thing scary about Anthrax was our bad hair in the 80's and the "Fistful Of Metal" album cover. Most people associated the name Anthrax with the band, not the germ. Now in the wake of those events, our name symbolizes fear, paranoia and death. Suddenly our name is not so cool. To be associated with these things we are against is a strange and stressful situation. To us, and to millions of people, it is just a name. We don't want to change the name of the band, not because it would be a pain in the ass, but because we hope that no further negative events will happen and it won't be necessary. We hope and pray that this problem goes away quietly and we all grow old and fat together.

    Be safe,
    Scott, Charlie, Frank and John

  • Hojon

    Good, I think it would be a mistake to change their name.

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