An observation, and comments wanted.

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  • JeffT

    I'm going to stick my neck out here and announce that I'm writing a novel based on my experience in the borg.

    Tonight, as part of my reseach, I looked up "chronology" in two sources:The Zondervan Pictoral Encyclopedia of the Bible, and The Aid to Bible Understanding. Zondervan is a five volume work (vol 1 is 1056 pages) the Aid book is 1694 pages. On this subject Zondervan spends 29 1/2 pages of (interesting) discussion that boils down to "nobody actually knows-here are x number of best guesses." The Aid book spend 27 pages (including some detailed time lines) laying out an exact chronology of the bible.

    The most notable contrast is that the Aid book contains no foot notes. Zondervan notes its sources in great detail.

    The thing that I find interesting is that now that I'm thirteen years out of the borg, I'm more comfortable with "nobody knows" than I am with "here is exactly how it happened." I think that the WTBS's need to have to supply an answer to every possible question is a big piece of what gets them in trouble.

    Your thoughts?

    PS: Since I brought up my book, what do you think it would take to get the borg to go "branch Dividian". post here or email me at [email protected]. Comments used will get attribution if/when I get published.

  • SixofNine

    I agree.

    Where I a piss filled gerontocrat living on the backs of a piss filled people, I would take away any pressure to fill a couple of magazines with X number of pages, with X number of articles, and with X number of words, every two weeks.

    Less words, less articles, less magazines, fewer books. Who knows, I might have time to actually publish something with some depth and substance every now and then.

    Wouldn't that be a thing?

  • Farkel

    : I think that the WTBS's need to have to supply an answer to every possible question is a big piece of what gets them in trouble.

    : Your thoughts?

    Since they live in double-think, you'd better have two answers for every one of their double-think answers to any question.

    That's twice the work for you: 1) bullshit answer "a" and 2) bullshit answer "b", both in the same sentence and both a contradiction of each other. If you can deal with stuff like that, you would write a great book, but you would end up going insane in so doing. If you can't deal with stuff like that, but still WANT to write about stuff like that, you'll still go insane. If you ignore stuff like that, you'd probably make a good dub. Maybe even an elder. And then you WILL be insane!

    If you want to get rich writing a book, stick to romance novels or Clancy/Grishem/Critcheon/King stuff. If you happen to end up insane doing that, at least you can afford good digs and top-quality Thorazine!

    Given the possible outcomes I've just outlined, perhaps you should just enjoy a nice game of golf....


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • Rex B13
    Rex B13

    Zondervan publishes John Phillip's "Bible Explorer's Guide". It may provide insight on several different subjects for your research. Check it out.
    The Russellites were a by-product of 19th century 'rationalism', which is the idea that the Bible can be totally and literally explained and there are no real mysteries.
    The churches have been right all along with their mainstream, common doctrine of salvation by grace through faith, the trinity, literal hell, immortal soul, etc...

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