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    Mr. Oleg Dzioubinski
    NGO-DPI Department
    RM S-1070L
    New York, NY 10017

    Dear Mr. Dzioubinski,

    I would like to request information pertaining to the association of Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and the NGO-DPI. My reason for doing so is due to a telephone call I made today to the Watchtower Service Department. The person I talked to on the telephone would not identify themselves, went on to deny any association between the Watchtower and the UN NGO-DPI. When asked about any association to the UN he stated there was none and never had been.

    I must ask you sir who is telling the truth? Would the UN NGO-DPI falsely publish information to embarrass a religion that has denounced them for 80 years? Is the Watchtower Service Department not being forthright with their information pertaining to this matter. What is the truth? As you can see this is confusing to say the least. To clear up the questions raised I respectfully request answer to the following questions:

    1. Has the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society ever been associated with the UN NGO-DPI? If so for how long?
    2. Who signed the application for association as an NGO member?
    3. If Watchtower Bible and Tract Society disassociated themselves from the UN NGO-DPI when did this occur? If they did so in writing may I have a copy of their correspondence as proof they are no longer associated?
    4. If the alleged original application used fraudulent information to become a member, will any sanction follow even if an organization has disassociated themselves?
    5. If there was an application filed by Watchtower for NGO-DPI status would it be possible to obtain a copy for establishing the facts of this matter?

    I apologize for taking your time with such a small matter as so many larger things are going on in the world as we speak. Though this may seem small it is very large to those of us who trusted every word spoken by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. This is issue of who is being truthful. I in no way wish to accuse the UN of any wrongdoing, but I have been told one thing from one source, now it seems logical to see what your organization has to say about this matter. I appreciate your consideration of these matters and look forward with great anticipation to the UN explanation of what the facts are.


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    OOOOOHHH!! Very well done, Messenger! Did you send it? Do keep us posted.

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    Went in the mail tonight.

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    Nice job!


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