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  • mindfield

    I sent an email to my sis (JW) about the Watchtower affair with the UN, quoting the criteria and all that, thinking that she would be open-minded about the whole thing... obviously, I was wrong. Here's what she replied:

    hi JA,
    Whats up?

    Just to tell u that I'd rather u not send me any other
    info like that. I dont want to have anything to do
    with it.
    By the way, just because the Watchtower is on the UNs'
    site doesn't mean what you say.
    By being on the site, it just means that they have the
    right to certain info that other organizations
    wouldn't have access to without being part of the UN.

    Its sad that what you look at in the JW's is only the
    little things that dont seem to work.
    They are not perfect, just like anyother org.

    I really wish you would talk to mom and dad and let
    them help you do some research about what you dont
    Obiviously, JW's have evolved in their beleifs and
    comprehensions. Thats why things change.
    Take this example: Before, they didnt know that they
    couldnt celebrate Christmas or even smoke. But today,
    they know and have adjusted their behaviour.
    Earlier people didnt know the world was round, now
    they know. Lots of thing like that have influences
    peoples lives, but times change and people do to.

    To finish this off let me leave you with a qustion:

    You say that if JW's have the absolute truth why cant
    they go see what others say,
    Well, why wouldn't you go in a strippers club if you
    know its not good?

    I love u Ja and I hate seeing you like that.
    You have changed so much. But please dont give up on
    everything, cause it is the truth whatever you might
    think! :)

    Your sis who loves u!
    See u
    Obviously, she didn't make any research on her own, and thinks the criteria I sent is falsified or something.

    "little things that don't seem to work"??? Come ON!!!

    "evolved in their beliefs"? Uh, grammar correction: evolve, not evolved

    the strippers analogy is completely off-base; this is based on a previous email I had sent about the watchtower badmouthing christianity in every single magazine, and their refusal to question themselves from time to time. absolute truth has nothing to do with it...

    I feel as if I should encourage her to research on her own... this is so HUGE, but she's just shrugging it off as a case of bad research... how much clearer can it get!!! geez, i'm talking to a wall here...

    And I showed it once to my mom, who's not just shrugging it off, but also ignoring it completely. "let's not jump to conclusions", she's saying, taking phrases out of context from the criteria for being an ngo, ignoring those that prove her wrong. Ah, crap. and when she sees she might be wrong, she says she's too tired to analyze that, and leaves.

    Man, this is brainwashing.

    Do you guys think I should respond to my sis? I thought she'd be more openminded since she got excommunicated once for an immorality thing... apparently not.

  • FormerOne

    I can't help but think:

    I don't remember Jehovah "revising" the 10 Commandments after he gave them to Moses. Oops, sorry Moses, let me just change this one thing...

    I don't remember Jesus changing his mind about what he was teaching when he was on earth.

    I just don't see why it's okay for the WTBS to change teachings just because they suddenly "see the light". If I had been "in" 80 years ago I would have been okay celebrating Christmas. Now because I choose to do it I'm a bad person.

    I don't think it's just me, does anybody else see just how stupid this is?

  • hawkaw

    Be careful with your approach.

    You have to ask questions first. Get a handle on what she would think is important or not. Stay non-confrontatial etc.

    You should use Randy Watters site ( ) and learn how to talk to Witnesses and come up with a special game plan. Blurting it out and telling her ain't going to help. Remember you are dealing with someone's belief system. It's very difficult to pass the "wall".

    Oh one final thing. Email's don't help send a "compassionate" you to her. You have to talk to her verbally so she sees your compassion. Most people don't read or care to read after the first sentence.


  • Rex B13
    Rex B13

    Hey Fed Up,
    Look at my sis' response when I sent her the url for the Guardian article and the U.N. sites. Do we have the same sister or what? Look at all of the similarities. This really shows you the exact same dub mentality exists across all boundaries.

  • tdogg

    Did you notice the tone of the letter from your sister? I believe she is very sincere and she cares for you quite a bit. It seems that she really does beieve she is in the truth and it hurts her that you cant see it the way she does. I suspect that you feel the same way for her.
    The tone of this letter compared to some of the other responces from JW's might suggest that she is really not ready to consider her doubts. I think that Hawkaws is correct and I hope that you make it clear to her that you are concerned with her as your sister more than any dispute over beliefs.

  • bluesapphire

    Not trying to preach to the choir or anything but I agree with Hawk's statement: "You have to ask questions first. Get a handle on what she would think is important or not. Stay non-confrontatial etc."

    Hopefully my approach to my sis will get me a little farther. You can read it in my post. Sorry, don't know how to put in those url's.

    I'll keep you posted as well. Maybe my approach will suck. We shall see.

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