They've already done enough

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  • Esmeralda

    I see so many seeming to be disappointed by the 'un-specialness' of the supplemental meeting yesterday.

    I'd like to ask this question, how can it really matter? Haven't they done enough already?

    Deaths due to blood policy.
    Suicides due to child molestation
    and disfellowshipping.
    Tearing families apart...just for starters.

    Part of me wanted to believe so badly that there would be a 'big' issue that would cause the WTS to fall, splinter and break into fragments. But I'm not that naive any longer. Look at the histories of other religions and they have managed to survive much worse: the inquisition, the crusades, just examples.

    Why? Because people need to believe in something.

    When I left, my need to believe led me to hope and pray that there would be an end to the Evil Empire and that my family would find its way out. I know now that is too much to ask for.

    The organization will go on. The most I can hope for is that its numbers will die off as its population ages.

    The best I can do for myself, and my family is to do all I can to keep them from claiming my daughter, and then to stop letting all this rule my life.

    The UN issue will die down. They will manage to worm out of it the way they always do. There will be law suits over pedophiles, and I've no doubt that victims will win money and media attention. But I no longer let my need to believe mislead me into thinking that the Society will ever cease to exist.

    There are people who will cling to it just as any fanatical cult, and that will keep it alive, in some form.

    The victories come in with each individual getting out.

    If you're debating leaving the organization, don't wait for some 'huge' issue. There is more than enough damning evidence already, there doesn't have to be any more. Get out and get on with living. Don't let them have another day.


  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum


    Well said. There really isn't much that could happen to change the minds and hearts of the "true believers". My sister and her husband don't believe but attend meetings just for show now and I asked her the other day, "don't you guys feel dirty going to a Kingdom Hall, knowing what you know?"

    Just as I would have never dared go into a church when I was a JW, I wouldn't dare step foot into a Kingdom Hall today as a matter of principle. Sure there are a few nice, sincere people there, but the belief system and the organization they follow are corrupt. And as you so rightly pointed out, people do die as a result of it.

  • dedalus

    Hey Es,

    My shocking JW moment today came when I read a thread over at, in which a couple of posters basically said that the worst thing about God's killing billions of people, including babies and children, is that they might have to clean up the mess, and wouldn't that be a pain in the ass? But wait, wait, they quickly realized that a loving God wouldn't put his loyal servants through that ordeal. Praise to Jah!

    Really, for anyone who is remotely educated about Jehovah's Witnesses: what more would it take to get you to leave?


  • Esmeralda

    Yeah, it's enough to just make you ill, isn't it Dedalus? When I read that it just made me shake my head in disgust.

    Love to you and Foxy and little Dedalusette...

  • dedalus

    Hey Es,

    Maybe it's just me, but you seem a little down and/or fatigued today. I hope you're okay! In the midst of all the yucky stuff that brings us together, here's a great big hug from your cyber-bro:


    Foxy, Roo, and I are thinking of ya.


  • HoChiMin


    It's just another piece of that big cookie they hate to break up and give anyone a real piece.
    Crumbs is all most will ever see, or that artificial carrot dangling in front of their eyes.


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