New Gov't Operation

by MikeNightHaShev 0 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • MikeNightHaShev

    The New Operation implimented to protect the citizens (Guardian) of the U.S. from Terrorist attacks I believe they are calling it Micah from what I heard.
    Anyone know what the operation was called was it
    Micah or Mica?
    If it's Mica then that too would make sense since I already explained that Mica was the protection over the cap stone on the pyramids and we know the symbol of the Eye of the protector used on the dollar bill inside the capstone on the pyramid is meant to represent strength and endurance and is unfinished because when the symbol was instituted the US was seen to continue to grow more complete. That's why the capstone is illuminated in the symbol because Mica shined (reflected) light and protected the capstone from the elements like that of the sun.

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