The WBTS is giving away free gifts!

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  • LDH

    Hey, look what they are giving away to high ranking government officials!


    Arrangements were made for parcels containing our Bible and publications to be given as a parting gift to the Governor and even to his wife, who was not visiting along, the Deputy Governor, the Commissioners and all other members of the Governor's entourage, including the drivers and the security men. Some of the commissioners could not come, but we allowed them to take their gifts to them.

    (Wow, they were even 'allowed' to take free gifts for those who couldn't attend!)

    After that, the packages containing Bible literature were distributed to the Governor and his entourage and even to the Governor's wife and the commissioners who were not present. The Governor's package consisted of a Bible (Rbi8), Jehovah's Witnesses-The Organization behind the name video, Insight on the Scriptures, Knowledge book, Creation book (large) Require Brochure, Jehovah's Witnesses-Who Are They, and You Can Be God's Friend. His wife's package contained 1 deluxe Bible, My Book of Bible Stories, Secret of Family Happiness and Young People Ask videocassette. The Deputy Governor's package contained the same items as the Governor's package, with the exception of the Insight on the Scriptures. The other packages contained a reference Bible (Bi12), Secret of Family Happiness, Knowledge Book, Require Brochure, Jehovah's Witnesses who are they? And You Can be God's Friend. Altogether 466 books, 450 brochures and 3 videocassettes were presented.

    Now, who wants to say the WT doesn't do Non-profit work! [8>]


  • detective

    Wow! A nice set of decorative drink coasters! How thoughtful!

  • LDH

    WHAT?!?!?! Nobody wants their own set of propoganda?

    I'm baffled!


  • willy_think

    damn! why aren't thay "allowed" to "take" my "gifts" to me? i even have a witness's welcom sign.

  • Farkel

    Scumbags and Whores they are.

    Farkel, who knows, who really knows...

    "When in doubt, duck!"

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