I am forgetting....

by Jez 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Jez

    I jumped on my pc at work for a few mins today to read the latest. As I read, I noticed, I am forgetting what it was like to be a JW.

    Everything I read is taking on such a foreign air about it, that is no longer talking about ME, but someone else, something I vaguely remember being.

    I am so peaceful to realize that I have finally forged MY own way in life, seen things for what they really are, not having a massive multimillion dollar organization breathing down my neck and trying to dictate my thoughts and actions, being truly happy and excited about the future, not sick with fear.

    I love this place I am at. Through time and education, I finally feel so "worldly". In the "world", the term worldly means well travelled, well educated, knowledgeable about many things, etc...it is a POSTIVE thing. JW, as usual, coin this term as their own and transform it into something negative. It could not be more positive for me.

    Jez (5 months prego with a boy!)

  • greendawn

    Glad to see that you are finding your own way in life that you've got your own life going after abandoning the WTS. Of course the world is what we make of it and we can make it work well for us.

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