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  • tdogg

    I was skimming through the book "Mankinds Search for God" that my uncle left a few months ago. I wanted to give it the once over before I tossed it in the trash, and WHOA! Anyone see that picture on pg 11?
    I dont have a scanner so I couldnt post it. It is a picture of a human sacrifice. There on the altar is some poor sod with a huge bloody gash in his chest, blood running everywhere, and the elated priest holding up a f*cking heart while the blood drips down his arm.
    Did they actually study this book at bookstudy, with children?

  • Prisca

    No, the Mankind's Search for God book was never used for the Book Study. The reason given was that we were trying to teach others the "Truth", so we didn't need to waste our time studying false religion.

    So the book was never covered as a book study, just sold to the unsuspecting public to show then that the JWs were the "only one true religion". [8>]

  • dedalus

    To my knowledge, Mankind's Search for God has never been studied at the bookstudy or any other meeting. Any ideas why?


  • comment

    As Prisca said, I think the idea was that there was no need for Witnesses to be boning up on false religion.

    On the other hand, that's a stupid argument, because if that was the case, then why would the Society even have bothered to print the book? Every time somebody asked me at the doors, "Do you bother to study other religions or just focus on your own stuff?", I thought of or referred to this book.

    I always hoped we would study it because it was an interesting book (and fairly informative, even given its obvious bias). But hey, why bother when you can pound through the Revelation Climax book and The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived for the 237th time?


  • radar


    "Mankinds search for God"book was never used in the book study.

    But it was used in the field ministry, and as such children could use the photo you described, in their presentation of the book.


  • hillary_step

    Actually, this book was the WTS first foray into publishing a non-theological book. It was actually about fishing and should have been entitled 'Mankinds Search For Cod' but was edited by a certain GB member who took Christs command to fish for men a little too seriously.


  • ashitaka

    Actually it was a picture of a judicial committee doing it's thing.

  • SixofNine

    lol @ hillary and ashitaka.

    Ps. it's fun to say "ashitaka"! Ashitaka, ashitaka, ashitaka.

  • tdogg


    Talk about "giving your heart to God". That guy in the pic did literally.

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