God gracing govt. power vs. United States

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  • Isis

    I am so pissed off. I just got home from my father's house. My husband and I were over there for the evening. I guess I should give you some background information. He and his wife are Df'd. They are both dF'd because they each left their mates (i.e. my mom, and her husband) for each other. That was 3 years ago and they are still trying to get reinstated. I have never told them to stop trying to be reinstated or that their belief were incorrect or anything.

    Anyways, we were over there and it came up about the United states and terrorism. It was just a casual discussion on terrorism, the war and the UN. What I told him is that I think that the United States should strike. Also, if things got so bad that they would institute the draft and if it got to the point were my husband (who is 29) would be a candidate for it, we would both probably just sign up rather than waiting for the draft. My father proceeded to start to yell at me and state that I was unintelligent simple because of my thoughts. And that if I thought that the United States could do anything, I was even more unintelligent because they were only graced with power because Jehovah God gave it to them. And that no over power ever had power unless God gave it to them.

    I was furious. Mostly because, even though in the last 3 years I have never condemmed my father because of his beliefs in this religion, I have only stated to him that I think he handled the situation between him and my mother inappropriately, nothing ever about his religion.

    It totally angers me that even though I have bit my lip about his beliefs, which I believe none of, he doesn't respect mine. Especially after he has lived in that religion for almost 50 years to my 26. I don't understand why he cannnot see the hypocrisy in them after all of this time.

    I have always respected him enough to not say anything to him about this. But, the one time I finally give him my opinion he calls me unintelligent. That was it. It took approximately 15 seconds for me to put my shoes on and me husband and I to pull out of his driveway.

    Sorry just letting off steam.


  • CornerStone

    Hello Isis,

    The borg religion has a STRONG hold on it's adherents. Take a JW friend of mine. Tried to talk to him about the orgs involvement in the United Nations. He was afraid to think about the implications of the WTS on the back of the "the Beast". So he just smiled and talked about all the "good things" the org has done, yea right!

    Since your father and mother want back "in" to the org collective they have to show allegiance to it. If jumping down your throat shows that degree of loyalty then everyone looses except the borg masters.

    I think you did the right thing by leaving. Save yourself some grief. There will be better times to reason with him. Like after the Dateline episode.


  • Isis


    Thank you for insight. You are correct about the strong hold that the borg has on its followers. In fact, I tried to talk to my Dad about the WTS and its association with the UN through the NGO. He said he wanted to look up the info on the internet and he has avoided the conversation with me since. I asked him once if he looked it up and he said that he didn't have time and then changed the subject.

    I think we did the right thing by leaving too. I just didn't want to have the situation escalate anymore.


  • TheEye

    His saying that only God allows any government to exist means that God is the only power to allow the NAZI government to exist.

    That is one EVIL motherf__king god.

    Or one with a really sick sense of humor.

    That would mean that he wanted WWII to occur for his own ammusment.

    Can you say gladitorial games?????


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