u.n./application/who signed it?

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  • zev

    can anyone who has been calling the u.n. regarding ngo/dpi and the wtbts tell me WHO signed the forms, in 1991?


    btw...this was also my final straw.

    -August 8th, 2001 - The day the lambs ROARED

  • MadApostate

    Lloyd Barry (deceased GB member) signed the App, and evidently was listed as the "main representative". Ciro Aulicino, current Writing Staffer, was listed as the alternate rep.

    Hawkaw obtained this info from DPI via telephone. He posted this info in the main UN-NGO-WBTS thread. If you haven't kept up with such, I would suggest reading through it.

    I haven't been over to H2O though either to keep up with what is posted there. Please let us know if there is pertinent info there that we don't have.

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