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  • hopie

    Remember the mass demostratiions with the members of the Catholic Church, how they took to the streets to expose the priest for child molestation in Boston Mass? Remember how sucessful they were?

    I remember when I was a JW child in the 40's, going with my parents to demonstrate with placards in front of the churchs, signs that said " RELIGION IS A SNARE AND A RACKET"

    I am going to turn the tables on the WTS, and start my own demostration in front of their Kingdom Halls...my sign will say "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ARE A SNARE AND A RACKET" exposing them of the same thing plus how they are also quilty of separating families. My signs will expose them for many other things too.

    I am going to notify the news media first and let them know of my intentions so I can get the news coverage. I will also have my published book to explain the whole story on the JW's. This is why I wrote my book to expose this cult. "Going Undercover To Rescue My Daughter, From The Cult Of Jehovah's Witnesses"

    Anyone want to join me? I live in the Joplin, Mo area.


  • hubert

    Hopie, Is that the name of your book? ie: Going undercover to rescue......?

    Tell us more about your book.

    Other people here have done what you are going to do. I think it's a good idea, for ex-j.w.'s that aren't worried about who sees them.


  • hopie


    I am glad you mentioned that others have deomonstrated in front of the Kingdom Halls before, do you remember who they are? If you do, please PM me.

    Yes, that is the title of my book. I was a in the org. for 40 years, raised as a JW. In 1983, I resigned along with my family except for my oldest daughter Gloria. We lost her to this cult for 10 years. When all other efforts failed to communicate with her I decided to rejoin or go undercover so I could eventually show her their cult-like errors. It was a 2 year journey as I had a lot of mountains to climb, like prove to her that her elder husband was a child molester, which I did, to her but not to the elders. After I was re-instated, I lived with her during this time of deprogramming her, so I was able to achieve my mission. In my book, I show family pictures to help visualize my story, plus giving incite to how the organization operates that make them unique from most of the other religions and thus showing the reason I had to go undercover.


  • Junction-Guy

    Hopie, I have picketed several local kingdom halls here in the recent past. If I could afford it, I would drive over to Missouri to help you out. -----Dave

  • ex-nj-jw


    If I lived near you I would be there right by your side!!!

    I want a copy of your book, can I get it in any book store? Library?


  • Clam

    Hopie - This is the book isn't it? http://www.amazon.com/Going-Undercover-Rescue-My-Daughter/dp/0941813053

    Good luck with the demos - from here in England. Clam
  • hopie

    Thank you ex-nj-jw

    If you don't want to order it on line, you can order it with a book store. You will need to give my

    ISBN # 091813-05-3

    My authors name....Nancy J. Sage

    Thank you for asking......Hopie

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