Start Living in Prime Time

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    I thought this was worth sharing...

    Start Living in Prime Time by Denis Waitley

    Prime time is that period between 6 and 10 p.m. during which most of the general public watches television. Commercials in prime time are the most expensive, approaching a million dollars per minute. Your real success in life will take a quantum leap when you stop watching other people making money in their professions performing in prime time, and start living your own dreams and goals in prime time. Time is the ultimate equal opportunity employer. Time never stops to rest, never hesitates, never looks forward or backward. Life's raw material spends itself in the now, this moment, which is why how you spend your time is far more important than all the material possessions you may own or positions you may obtain. Positions change, possessions come and go, you can earn more money. You can renew your supply of many things, but like good health, that other most precious resource, time spent is gone forever.

    Each yesterday, and all of them together, are beyond your control. Literally all the money in the world can't undo or redo a single act you performed. You cannot erase a single word you said. You can't add an "I love you," "I'm sorry", or "I forgive you", not even a "thank you" you forgot to say. Each human being in every hemisphere and time zone has precisely 168 hours a week to spend. And some of the most precious hours occur in prime time.

    Consider this: most of your daytime hours are spent helping other people solve their problems. The little time you have in the evenings and on weekends is all you have to spend on yourself, on your own dreams and goals, and personal development. Some thoughts to ponder:

    • Have supper with your loved ones at least two to three times per week. It's the best time for casual conversation to listen to what those close to you feel is important in their lives. Mealtime is a time to dialogue.

    • A television set is an appliance. It should be used, at most, for two hours at a time. It should be off, unless specific programs of interest are selected. It should not be used as a one-eyed baby sitter. For the most part, TV exposes us to negative role models.

    • Instead of watching television why not read a good fiction or non-fiction book, write a letter, engage in a hobby or craft, call a friend or someone in need of encouragement on the phone, network on your computer, go out to an ethnic restaurant, a home show, an entrepreneurial show, a musical recital, a play, a fitness class, or cultural event. Take an art or photography class. Use prime time to live the kind of life others put on layaway.

    Action Idea: If you and your family/friends watch TV, try not turning it on for one week. When you do watch TV, reduce by 50% the amount of time you spend watching it. Concentrate your evenings and free time engaged in hands on, real life experiences, you can touch, feel, smell and engage all your senses in. Instead of virtual reality, insist on the real thing.

    -- Denis Waitley

  • Abandoned

    Thanks for the motivation buddy. I'm trying to make the most of my time. I still have things to say...

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Good article with great ideas. I may have to try some.

  • fringe dweller
    fringe dweller

    It's surprising how much you DON'T miss it when it's not on. Our house rule is no tele at all mid week, and only on Fri, Sat and Sun if there is something of specific interest on. Kids adapted to it overnight. It doesn't get questioned anymore and a lot more homework and reading for pleasure gets accomplished instead.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Got rid of my tv about 18 months ago, it saves me the licence fee too! I don't miss it at all.

    Only problem now is that I sit in front of my computer a lot of the time instead but it is for more productive purposes at least

  • anewme

    Very good advice!
    Makes me think of getting out my old violin!
    I learned to play long ago by using those evening hours in just that way.

    Thanks for the reminder!


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