Unusual to accept non WTS literature?

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  • onlycurious

    My employee is a single 20 yr old female dub. She is a sweetie and was baptised 1 yr ago. Got rid of her eyebrow gem and quit smoking. What a rebel. :)

    She asked me if she could read a book I am going through with my jr. high daugter. It's called,"I Kissed Dating Goodbye' by Joshua Harris. I explained it isn't so much an 'anti-dating' book as it is written to help young people gain a better understanding of having a proper perspective of the opposite sex. Anyway, it is definatley mainstream Christianity. She also took, 'The Purity Principle'.

    Is this unusual for her to be reading literature not endorsed by the WTS? What do you think her mentor will say?

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    It's very unusual. If an other JW see the books an know that they are Christain Books the elders will be paying her a visit shortly. Good of her to keep an open mind.

  • skin

    How many times during the public talk have I heard different speakers quote from other religious books? and then we are made to feel guilty if we research these very books.

  • cultswatter

    I think she needs a good book on masturbation

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