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  • zack

    This issue of anointed. For simplicity, my premise is that God is God and Jesus the Son of God. OK? Therefore, anyone who loves the Son wants to be

    with him. If you fall in love with a girl, you WANT to be with her, always. RIght? So, when you get to love Jesus, it isn't that you HAVE to be with him,

    but that you WANT to be with him. And WITH him is wherever He is. That is the hope for any person believing himself a Christian: to be with Christ.

    JW's, however, take the hope away not just by the doctrine of the FDS, great crowd, etc.... but by deliberately extinguishing the love for JesusChrist in

    any of their members hearts. Instead, they fan the flame of love for THINGS, OTHER PEOPLE, and THEMSELVES by telling them they do not ever have

    to give up what they LOVED IN THIS WORLD, because God would make sure they had all these things in PARADISE EARTH! And yet, Jesus said that

    his followers would have to HATE (love these less) their mother and sister and brother, and LOVE him.

    I know it has been said before, but the more I think things out (thanks to people on this board and others) the clearer it is that the WTS is ANTI Christ:

    they deny his love, his hope, his simple message.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    what a pal buddy

  • anewme

    Plus, in addition to what Zak just said, it has also been said before that the JWs reject Christ's blood in a literal way at their ceremony called the Memorial.

    Imagine millions of persons getting together to symbolically REJECT THE BLOOD AND BODY OF CHRIST!!!!!

    I never saw it before that way until someone brought it up here.

    Tsk tsk tsk, shame on them is all I can say!

    They ought to get together and have a Little Flock Party and eat and drink with Christ all by themselves and not require the great gullible crowd to haul their asses down to the hall just to reject Christ en masse!

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