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  • Outaservice

    Will Michael Jackson convert to Islam? Jermaine Jackson told THE MUSLIM NEWS that his younger brother has shown a strong interest in the faith. Jermaine converted to Islam in 1989 and now lives in Bahrain where Michael has recently taken up residence.

    So much for a JW upbringing.


  • Crumpet

    I didnt know jermaine was muslim - he sure didnt mention it much in Big Brother...however i thought he was extremely dignified and kind - a good soul!

  • mouthy

    I hope its a rumor. That poor boy has suffered enough I dont believe all that is printed about him. I KNOW he has given millions to sufferings ,No not because of the pedifles stuff. I dont believe he is one.

  • Mum

    Poor Michael. If his brother is after him to convert, I don't think he has the resources (inner) to resist. I'm not saying it would be a bad thing. After all, most Muslims are as good as most adherents of any other religion. But I think Michael's decision would not be based on critical thinking or even considering his own best interests.

    Like mouthy, I don't really believe he's a pedophile either. I think he has no sense of who he is and simply relates better to children than most adults. He is at the same time one of the luckiest and one of the unluckiest people on the face of the earth. He is also an incredible talent, inspired!

    I once heard Michael give his father credit for his amazing gifts. When asked about his father's abuse, he said something like, "But look what it produced!" So sad. I had abusive parents; they produced scared, addicted, angry people.


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