#321: 7 Years on JWD Ain't So Bad: Thank You's

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  • alias

    Today I realized that I've been floating in and out of this forum for 7 years. How my life has evolved!

    Thank you Simon & Ang for manifesting this forum and keeping it going.

    Thank you Pathofthorns and sevenofnine or empowering me. (I hope you are okay these days.

    thank you Ros for the three-way perspective.

    Thank you, Blondie, for the level-headedness.

    Thank you Waiting for showing me; teaching me patience.

    Thank you JamesThomas for introducing me to "The Power of Now". You'd be in bliss to know where my life currently is. :-)

    Thank you Sassy for teaching me that everyone needs to find their own path and follow their hearts.

    Thank you SimpleSally for teaching me that life will throw loops. Focus on healing better.

    Thank you Obed for cracking open the door.

    Thank you LDH for your sass and Focus fass.

    Thank you Gretchen and Sirona for showing me "witch way" isn't scarey at all.

    Thank you jgnat your balanced perspective is well-noted.

    Thank you atheists, agnostics, humanists, and whatever-ists for your challenging questions and probing perspectives. We SO need you. You have produced the seeds to critical thinking. Exploration. Thinking. Questioning the statis-quo.

    Joelbear, embrace your creativity, you authentic you.

    Thank you, TetrapodSapien, for your artful journey.

    RIP Ari.

    Thank you, Littletoe. The baby toe is so needed for the balance of foot. Your integrity is awesome.

    Everyone's words here have impacted me. Have changed me. Have helped me to grow.

    Thank you everyone for teaching me about the human condition. Curiosity. Projection. Love. Finding oneself. Mistakes. Masterpieces.

    Thank you to so many of you. Your word have impacted me on so many levels.
    This forum has enlightened me. Saddened me. Susstained me. Joy-filled me. Educated me. Hoped me. 7 years of tears, bears, hugs, smugs. Freeedom at last. I have been cast.

    Growing up as a JW has impacted decades of my life. But from here on out, my life is mine.

    Welcome to me.

    Thank you. All of you.

    Your contributions have been valuable to me.

    The 7-year completed class, a revealed revelation.

    sorry for the multiple edits; nobody's prefect ;-)
    Not even adam and eve.

  • prophecor

    Happy trails out of the darkness. May your light continue brighter as your journey increases. Godspeed.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Congrats, alias. That's a lovely post. Many of us here feel that way, too. You put it all so succinctly. You seem to have evolved an all-encompassing love and tolerance. Hope we all continue to grow as you have. Best wishes and thanks for the post!

  • misanthropic

    7 years, congratulations. I can see you read much more than you post. Only 322 posts in 7 years that in itself is an accomplishment- at least it would be for me ;)

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