If You Could Up The Tempo A Little What.......

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  • Englishman

    I understand that for the last couple of decades it has become WT policy for local congregations to sing Kingdom Songs to recorded music.

    Now, apart from the awful uniformity and the squishing of individual musical inventiveness, this strikes me as another attempt by the WTBTS to numb the publishers mind with banal Hawaiian style paradise tunes. No more an elderly sister treadling an ancient harmonium, bye bye li'l schoolgirl squeakily playing her recorder, ta ta to the teenage guitarist strumming A, G and D to every melody as the congregation gamely sang tunelessly on.

    So, just for fun, I was thinking, wouldn't it be hilarious if we could switch the tape / CD / record just as Bart Simpson switched the church organists music to "In the Garden of Eden, Baby" in a recent programme.

    What song would you like to be broadcast over the PA system, bearing in mind that you would only have a few seconds before your efforts at sabotage would be rumbled?

    I've though about it for a while, and I would love to have The Venga Boys played to the congregation.

    The title is, of course, "Sex on the Beach". Can't you just picture their faces?

    Har Har Har!


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • Xena

    Perhaps they would be inclined listen to a little Prince these days? So how about "Pussy Control" lol would be wishing they had some windows in those KH's so I could see their faces....

  • Angharad

    What was that song the smurfs sang? Watch them running out shouting demunz.

    How about YMCA - village people - I've been at weddings when peole have walked out because that was played.

  • josephus

    hi englishman

    funny you should say that.

    i once did that.

    i changed the melody from, "from houe to house"

    to "enter sandman by mettalica !

    this is true, and i received a bollocking for doing it.



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