Islamic spies to snoop on lovers

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  • Elsewhere

    Reminds me of life as a JW... you never knew who was watching, just waiting to rat you out to the elders. I always loved it when someone mistook my actions and told the elders. When I was confronted I would raise hell over how they fcked up and took action against an innocent person.

    Islamic spies to snoop on lovers

    KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A Malaysian state plans to recruit "spies" from the public to snoop on unmarried lovers and report them to Islamic religious authorities, a newspaper said Tuesday.

    The Terengganu state government plans to enlist the part-time spies to look out for un-Islamic behavior, such as unmarried couples kissing or holding hands, the Star daily said.

    "Some of these 'spies' could be waitresses or even janitors at hotels acting as auxiliary undercover agents for our religious department," the head of the state government's Islamic and welfare committee, Rosol Wahid, was quoted as saying.

    "Accurate details are required for the enforcement officers to act, otherwise they could be pouncing on married couples."

    Last October, religious police in another part of this mainly Muslim country caused an outcry when they mistakenly raided the rented holiday apartment of a Christian American couple on suspicion that they were unmarried Muslims in "close proximity."

  • Amazing


    I knew what I was going to read as soon as I saw the title. Yet, I just had to read it. And this caught my eye,

    spies to look out for un-Islamic behavior,

    I spit my coffee out ... because it brought up another utterly wicked word ... un-Theocratic

    Thanks for a good read,

    Jim Whitney

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Nice one Jim...


    Got to love the "religion of peace"

  • Satanus

    Maybe i should vote for bush, after all. Nah, his direct attack and failure to defeat and discredit islam has caused islam to resurge and spread, sort of like beating the hell out of an anthill. The ants get all riled up. They spread out all over the place, including onto the beater.


    Ps, sorry, am i off topic? I think i have chronic out of the box thinkingitis. But don't worry, terry is helping me to learn to think properly

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