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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If Russell didn't write this then he had to have condoned it yellow highlight is theirs red is mine

    [R5434 : page 110]


    WE might have anticipated that many colored people would be deeply interested in THE PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION. But it did not impress itself upon us until gradually their number increased to about twenty-five per cent. of the whole audience. Of course, we were glad to see them, glad that they were interested in the DRAMA. We had the same feeling respecting them as others; but it was quickly discerned that it was not a case of feeling, but that, whereas the colored people of New York City are about five per cent of the population, in our audiences they are about twenty-five per cent, and the number increasing. What shall we do? As the attendance of the colored people would increase, proportionately the number of the whites would decrease; for explain it how we will, a majority of whites prefer not to intermingle closely with other races.

    Who knows. If the preaching work is successful there might be situations where colored people outnumber whites. What will they do?

    Recognizing that it meant either the success or the failure of the enterprise of the DRAMA as respects the whites, we have been compelled to assign the colored friends to the gallery, which, however, is just as good for seeing and hearing as any other part of The Temple. Some were offended at this arrangement.

    OK they are willing to segregate the colored people and they should not be offened. But they aren't willing to let them co-mingle because some white people might be offended.

    We have received numerous letters from the colored friends, some claiming that it is not right to make a difference, others indignantly and bitterly denouncing us as enemies of the colored people. Some, confident that Brother Russell had never sanctioned such a discrimination, told that they believe it would be duty to stand up for equal rights and always to help the oppressed, etc. We were obliged to explain the facts, assuring all of our loving interest in the colored people, and of our desire to do them good, and not injury.We again suggested that if a suitable place could be found in which the DRAMA could be presented for the benefit of the colored people alone, we would be glad to make such arrangements, or to co-operate with any others in doing so.

    They have a desire to do good and not cause injury as long as a few whites don't have their sensibilities injured. So their obvious solution is further segregation.

    Our explanations were apparently entirely satisfactory to all of the fully consecrated. To these we explained that it is a question of putting either the interests of God's Cause first, or else the interests of the race first. We believed it our duty to put God first and the Truth first-- at any cost to others or to ourself! We explained that we thought that all the colored brethren should know our attitude toward them--they should know that we love to serve them in any way possible and to give them the very best we have to give of the Gospel Message; and that it is only a question of whether our giving to them in one way would deprive us of giving the Truth to others. [R5434 : page 111]

    They just don't get it that they aren't putting God's cause first. They are putting the fragile sensitivities of whites first.

    That phrse "at any cost to others or to ourself" speaks volumes. Does this really come down to actual cost as in $$$? If white people who might have $$$ leave there goes a source of Watch Tower funding and support. Now I know it could mean emotional cost, or spiritual cost. But I have to wonder about that financial cost. It was an interesting choice of words

    Some who were still tenacious and quarrelsome we merely reminded of our Lord's declaration that in inviting visitors into the house it is the place of the host to say where they shall sit, and then we showed them the parable of the man who chose the chief seat of honor and was given a lower one.

    So basically: I'm the host the whites and the coloreds are the guest and I insist that the sensitive whites sit down front and because we don't want to hurt their feelings (which are more important then yours because you are colored) you have to sit in the back or in the designated area. And to make matters worse they quote scripture to them that reminds them of their station in the cong.

    In answer to the query as to how our course of conduct squared with the Golden Rule, we replied that it squares exactly. We would wish others to put God first. If our personal interests are or ever have been in conflict with the real and apparently best interests of the Lord's Cause, it is a part of our consecration vow to ignore our interests in favor of the interests of the Lord's Cause. This is what we mean by the declaration that we are dead to self and alive to our God as New Creatures.

    Unless of course you are a sensitive white person. In that case you must be catered to

    We reminded one dear sister that the Lord enjoins humility, and assures us that unless we humble ourselves we shall not be exalted. If nature favors the colored brethren and sisters in the exercise of humility it is that much to their advantage, if they are rightly exercised by it. A little while, and our humility will work out for our good. A little while, and those who shall have been faithful to their Covenant of Sacrifice will be granted new bodies, spiritual, beyond the veil, where color and sex distinctions will be no more. A little while, and the Millennial Kingdom will be inaugurated, which will bring Restitution to all mankind--restitution to the perfection of mind and body, feature and color, to the grand original standard, which God declared "very good," and which was lost for a time through sin, but which is soon to be restored by the powerful Kingdom of Messiah.

    Yet again cast down the colored in favor of the white (which is deemed closer to God or some such nonsnese) You'd think they might encourage white people to exercise some of the humility

    What really bothers me is that they just don't see their behavior as unChristian and unloving. The attitudea haven't really changed a lot. They have 1 black brother on the GB. When I was in it took a lot longer for a black male to any kind of position in the KH. A few managed to get to MS but I don't think one ever made it to elder. Not while I was there

  • SirNose586

    Seperate but equal, eh Russell? Yes, couldn't he have encouraged the whites to show some humility? Oh, of course not: the whites have the money, and if they leave, there goes 75% of the audience. Can't have the money leave, right?

    He was just another man of the times. Before the 19th century, race relations had sunk to never before seen lows, as shown by the anti-miscegenation laws and other "Jim Crow" laws enacted at the time. This shows he was just another man of the times--not spouting hatred--but not doing anything to change it.

  • Leolaia

    If Russell was a man of his times, here is a good survey of what the times were like:

  • SirNose586
    If Russell was a man of his times, here is a good survey of what the times were like:

    Yes, I would agree with that page as a sort of overview of race relations at that time.

  • proplog2

    The light was getting darker and darker.

    I remember in the 1950's JW's would work the black neighborhoods in the winter because they would be invited into their nice n hot space heated shacks. Everyone was happy when a few blacks became baptized. But then some got real worried when over half the congregation was black and the presiding overseer was black. I thought it was great that my dad was passed over for the position. My dad was white, college educated and a tyrant. There was always a bad undercurrent between them.

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