Any advice on how to find somebody in France?

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  • snickers

    Here is the thing I am most ashamed of in my life (so far) - I turned my back on my best friend because she left the "truth". My dearest friend in the whole world disassociated herself in the early 1990s. Her name is Betty Dormieux and she is from France. We actually met at a convention in the 1980s in New York and were pen pals through our teenage years. I lived with her and her JW family after graduating from high school, then she got a nanny job and moved to the US for a few years. Then she returned to France and called me up and said wrote a DA letter. It was a real shock at that time, because although we were NO angels - we never discussed NOT being JWs. On top of that, I was newly married and making a weak effort to be the good wife and follow my husband's lead etc. So I told her I couldn't talk to her anymore.

    After about 5 years I got a letter from her. My husband and I were faders at this point and I was desperate to talk to her. We wrote on and off for a few years. I haven't heard from her in almost 2 years now - and I can't find her! When I spent time with her in France she and her family owned a pizzaria in Dunkerque. They sold the pizzaria about 15 years ago and moved to South France - I don't know where. Betty lived for some time in St Martine, then moved back to France and the last known address I had for her was in Marseille. Her parent's names are Nicole and Francios and her 2 brothers are Jeramie and Hans.

    My letters to her last known address were returned - no longer at this address (took months!). In the international phone directory there are 26 people with the last name Dormieux - I've written them all asking for any information about Betty and have not received a reply. The problem with the whole phone thing is that she had a cell phone, but not a home phone (at least 2 years ago) - and it's not possible to search for cell phone numbers.

    Maybe somebody from France knows of her. Or maybe somebody knows of a way to search for her. She is my soul mate - I miss her dearly! Thanks for reading. - R

  • Narkissos

    I'll ask on a French xJW forum.

  • greendawn

    What about contacting the mobile (cell) phone companies in France, I don't think there are that many of them. If they won't give out numbers then perhaps they can forward your details to her so she can contact you.

  • funkyderek


    Check out (French phone book)

    There's a Jeremie Dormieux in Marseille and a Hans Dormieux in nearby Aix en Provence. It's not a common surname so at least one of them may well be her brother.

    Good luck!

  • Stealth453

    Contact their version of your DMV. If they refuse to help, or can't by law, contact the local police in the last area of know residence, and they should be able to help you, provided you explain the reason for trying to contact her. Make your request clear, concise, and stick to the facts. If that fails, pm me, as I have sources that may be able to help.

  • snickers


    I've searched the online International Directories for the past few months, but obviously didn't find this one. I mainly searched the websites that had pages translated to English - so maybe that was the problem.

    Update: I called her brother and spoke with his lovely wife. My friend is on vacation now, but she gave me Betty's email address (the last time I spoke with her she still didn't have a computer). So I've fired off my first email and am anxiously waiting a reply.

    Thanks again for everyone's help and ideas. Funky - I'm very grateful for your help!

    - R

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