How Do You Know What's Good? A Question for Believers?

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  • Perry

    I know that there are not very many born again believers on this board. But for the ones that are here, what say you?

  • aniron

    What makes you think there aren't many born-again believers on this board?

    Hows does an atheist know what is good?

    Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law, since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them.

  • RAF

    Nobody needs to be a believer

    It's about using our reasoning for listening/hearing to every feelings and needs ... it is still contextual ... so it's more about Justice and justice is a balance (every details have it's weight) we can or you can not weight them from our perspective ... that's when wrong things / injustices takes place.

  • Perry


    I am born again. I am interested in other's testimonies.

  • Rooster

    I say "God is love" way beyond our thinking abilities.

  • bebu

    1) Seriously, I don't perfectly know what is good. To everything there is a season, and in the context of the whole which only God knows, certain things we consider bad on one level can work out a higher and better good. I am not one to construct or implement this system, I do believe in God's will and work toward this, however.

    2) Though I don't know how certain things God allows can be good, I think that Rom 12:2 gives good advice: "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will." Discernment is a result of discipline, looks like (and seems like in my experience).

    3) In another I wrote somewhere earlier that goodness has to do (imo) with the goodwill of God toward mankind, that He takes our welfare upon Himself and makes it His, so that we may be become like Him. That is the general purpose God has (I think), and whatever it takes to get all/most of us there is truly good.

    4) I think the best practical model of goodness is Jesus. Following him would be good/make one good.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I think we are taught what is good - by parents, teachers other significant people etc. Maybe the 'built-in' knowledge is hereditary too?

    I also believe that 'good' is subjective - for two examples:

    1. Cultural norms - cannibalism may be perfectly acceptable behaviour to a tribe in a remote part of the Brazilian rainforest, but it certainly isn't in modern Western culture.

    2. Circumstancial - It's not good to deliberately inflict pain and suffering on another living being yet in some cases, such as medical treatment, we will do it to serve 'the greater good'

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