St. Louis exjw-meetup

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  • Jeepthing

    Anybody here been to exjw-meetup meetings in St. Louis, Mo? Are they still meeting?

  • new boy
    new boy

    Does anyone............there know TOM PLANK?

  • mimimimi

    There was a Plank family in Jerseyville. Daughter (Andrea) married a pioneer brother named Chris Mathenia and they were in my congregation for a while. It seems like Tom was her brother's name. I met him once when we picked him up from work while we were out in service and he spent the rest of the afternoon out with us. I think he would be in his early or maybe mid-20's. Is that who you mean? The parents sold their house and moved from J'ville to Alton and were in the same congregation as me. I never got to really know them as I was missing a lot of meetings and finally just stopped going.

    Hi, Jeepthing. I never got around to sending you a long e-mail this last weekend like I said I would. I will call you one day this week. Don't know about ex-JW meetups in St. Louis, though.

  • purplesofa

    I would be interested.


  • Jeepthing

    Yes, there is still Planks live there in Jerseyville. Does he have a son and daughter? Think son was engaged to a young pioneer girl but she had an accident and died. Many say he changed after that, became worldly. Nice people from I remember. Daughter lives in St. Louis and married to jw. My kids knew them. I liked the kids, they were not like typical jw kids.

    Hi, mimimi. Take time on emailing me. I have been busy too. Kids keep me pretty busy. Like a full time job.

    Someone here I know went to the St. Louis ex-jw meeting and no one showed up. He was wondering if they are still meeting. I get somekind of email from that group but never met anyone from there. Our friend wants to meet them. He is looking for group to get together.

  • stillajwexelder

    Sure - June, July and August work best for me

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