How many mentions of Jesus in the 2007 Follow The Christ convention prog.

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  • truthseeker

    If anyone gets hold of the convention program, please report how many talks are solely about Jesus.

    I would be very interested to know. Every year Jehovah's Christian Witnesses neglect to find a spot for Jesus in their 3 day program.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    # of prayers x 2 = the # of times Jesus is mentioned unless they replace his name with the FDS.

  • Rooster

    Let us pray.

    Oh holy Governing Body please hear our prayer this sunny day as we gather together to extend worship to god through you. You are so great and wise after having taken over Christ's role. Please help those in the missionary work to abstain from the desire of the flesh. Like two portions of food at dinner. Further oh Governing Body we just want to say we have thrown out all those who don't think you are our only means of salvation, bless us for this.. Brother Stinker's wife died last week and now he is engaged to sister Moist she will be 18 in seven days. Please help her keep her place in brother Stinkers life by keeping the house, car and yard clean. She will need your help to be prepared for all the meetings and active in the ministry.

    In Bro Scroddles name we approch you..


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