"Seek and You Shall Find...."

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  • Farkel

    Can one find sunshine when one is only looking for gloomy clouds?

    Can happiness be found if one only seeks sadness and anger?

    Can joy be found if the seeker is only interested in discovering misery?

    Does one discover charity when the search is only for greed?

    Will one be able to recognize cooperation and peace if one is blind to anything but anarchy?

    Will one miss the serenity of peaceful times when one longs only to see times-of-war?

    Can love be recognized if the seeker is only looking to find hate?

    Is this not exactly the way the Watchtower society has "trained" its members to be? How often do you see the Watchtower celebrating and applauding the many, many GOOD and wonderful things that have been evidence during the last say, fifty years?

    Have you ever seen any publication from the Watchtower Corporation that states the obvious: in all of man's history, NOW is the BEST time to live?

    Doesn't it just pain you to the bone to see JWs so full of a renewed HOPE because nearly 7,000 innocent people were massacred by a few crazy religious fanatics?

    Is it any surprise that such a way-of-life must definitely contribute to severe depression amongst JWs? Imagine this: a dub spends his entire life LOOKING for the bad in the world and ignoring all the good which far exceeds any bad. After an entire life of looking for some "clue" that some "bad" just MIGHT trigger the big Armageddon fantasy, a dub is sick and old and dying. And disappointed, because that hope was a lie and a life was spent without joy, without genuine optimism for the human condition and without any fulfillment or contribution to leave as a legacy.

    The whole religious world of JWs is built upon isolation, pessimism and focus on everything which normal folks would consider to be depressing.

    Is it any wonder why most folks think dubs are crazy? Is it any wonder that dubs in fact ARE crazy for electing to live such tragic and pathetic lives?


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • Seeker
    Can joy be found if the seeker is only interested in discovering misery?

    Huh, er, what?

    (Nice post)

  • Tina

    Well said. The dubs do miss life points because they live in such an 'altered' reality. One that is proscribed and prescibed by the WTS.
    It's really joyless,but existing(I wont call it living) in the rarified WTS air,they can't/won't see this.
    I remember,when reading the mags,that all the good things that have been achieved and accomplished are pessimistically presented,in order to make the point that 'this life' isnt enough. They have and continue to present advances as basically 'nothing'. Nothing to be joyful about,excited about,grateful about. Only aren't we joyful about our lit? Our worldwide brotherhood? blah blah blah,. Who wouldn't be depressed with such a worldview pounded into their heads? luv,T

    Carl Sagan on balancing openness to new ideas with skeptical scrutiny..."if you are open to the point of gullibility and have not an ounce of skeptical sense-you cannot distinguish useful ideas from worthless ones."

  • patio34


    Very good subject. Another thing that happens in JW-think is that this whole life is wasted, waiting for the next one. Well, what if there is no 'next life' and this life IS all there is? That is the only view which has evidence and logic. So, meanwhile one has, in effect, wasted much of their life missing out on all the happinesses you mention. How sad.

    And it certainly contributes to inferior mental health.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Farkel, bravo..
    There's no doubt that sincere JWs really believe their message of doom as a prelude to the establishment of an earthwide Shangri-La is a comforting one. I'm sure most, if not all, of these dubs would be revolted at the sight of just one bloodied, smashed-up corpse were they to happen upon the scene of, say, a tragic automobile accident.
    Yet it fails to register with them that in order to get to their Paradise, they'll have to step over the bodies of 6 billion mangled fellow humans, including infants.
    It also impresses me that, when they talk about the impending Big A, they describe its source as some sort of blind, unreasoning, impersonal storm-like force rather than the God of love that Jesus describes, who takes into account every sparrow that falls to earth.

  • Xena

    In retrospect now I see just how sad the JW life is...they just exist, waiting and hoping for something better without ever really tasting what life has to offer NOW! Don't get married, have children, go to college, get a great and fulfilling job, have mind blowing sex, experment with other lifestyles, meet new and interesting people just to have good conversation...and a thousand other things put off for what? The possiblity of a "better" life...who knows when? Just so sad to see so many wasted lives....and just so glad I am no longer one of them!

  • Rex B13
    Rex B13

    Amen Beo. Farkel!

  • siegswife

    So sad...so true...

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