Does the WTS. maintain itself on fruits of goodness or ignorance and fear ?

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  • thetrueone

    We have to acknowledge the fact that religion is empowering to men in its established form, like the WTS for an example, but where do you think the WTS. went wrong ?

    After all it was a religion that was trying to bring hope and promise to people lives, which certainly is not a bad thing .

    Did the power of God prove too much for them and they mishandled that said power or was it the publishing and marketing strategy of the group that adulterated the original message ?

    Could they have kept more people in the faith if they had not goofed themselves up with the notion of power and kept perhaps a more open and flexible structure.

    After all the organization did seem to have good potential to help most people.

    Or is it like many other religions in the world today that simply got too old in ideology to make it relevant and purposeful.

    What are your thoughts ?


  • zack

    They are the spawn of the Millerites and 7th Day Adventists. Where did they go wrong? The answer is: They were never right.

    "Man cannot make straight what God has made crooked." The WTS is proof positive of that proverb.

  • thetrueone

    Good point Zack........

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