"Help--I'm a JW, in an unhappy marriage, and I want OUT...."

by owenfieldreams 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • owenfieldreams

    how many times have we all seen this scenario? if you are like me, you lost count a long time ago. my advice to any such person would be--get a legal divorce. you cannot be df'ed for it. As a matter of fact, if you are willing to bid your time, you can even eventually return to "good standing" with the elders and the org. this is one area where the wtbts is starting to liberalize and become more mainstream.....

  • sammielee24

    And what would be the point? You can get a divorce but then what? Unless in the societies eyes (and I think its all a load of crap anyway) one of you committed adultery, then you can't date, can't marry, can't find love and move on anyway. So you both go your separate ways and what? Look at one another through binoculars to see if you can catch each other doing something dirty?

    Divorce has always been legal. It doesn't need the watchtower stamp of approval to make it so. Remarriage after divorce is also very legal. Again it doesn't require the watchtower to make it so. It makes no sense to me and as long as a person divorces and then continues to put their life on hold because they are told to do so by direction of the watchtower, then they are doing nothing different before they were divorced. They're just in limbo. sammieswife.

  • Gregor

    Reading between the lines, I gather that in the middle of an apparently failed marriage, you place importance on remaining in good standing with the Borg. I hope there is more to the story. If not, your marriage is only one of your problems.

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