Fluff....Do you have a pet that saved you from something?

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  • restrangled

    Back on an early Thanksgiving morning many years ago we had 2 siamese cats that were brothers.

    The furnace in our basement would throw out a flame when turned on. My mom one evening left a broom next to that furnace. During the night that broom caught fire, and promptly lit up everything in the basement once ignited. The walls, the clothing, drapes, etc.

    We were all sound asleep and my father the previous night had consumed a bottle of Wild Turkey with some friends. He was out soundly!

    The 2 cats started yowling and jumping on my mother, over and over. They would not leave her alone.

    She finally awoke thinking they wanted out for some reason, got up took them down stairs and saw the billowing black smoke. She woke us up and we all had to run across the street. It took several attempts to get my father up....

    Needless to say it saved our lives....the smoke was so bad it had to be pumped out by the fire dept. once they arrived.

    Story #2

    My husband as a young boy was out playing with a friend in the snow and with the friends little Lab. They were running through the neighborhood and suddenly a Saint Bernard broke loose from his chain and cornered them. The little Lab threw his little body at that dog and sacraficed himself for the boys and saved them.

    Story #3

    As many of you know, here in central Florida we had a horrible night of Tornados. Although nothing touched down here, one of my Dobies would not let us sleep, pacing, nosing the covers off us, and whimpering in the middle of the night. He paced and paced out side of our bedroom door, finally sleeping just outside of our door.......Apparently he was doing this as Tornadoes were going over the top of us. I tried taking him out once and he wouldn't go.

    He just wanted us to be aware......


  • bikerchic

    My parents had a German Shepherd dog "Devil" when I was a baby and the story my Mom tells is that she would put me outside on a blanket on the grass in our back yard and Devil wouldn't so much as let me near the edge of the blanket, he would nudge me back to the center of it with his nose and sit guard. When any other critter dared try to come near me he would run it off. They also had chickens who had free range of the back yard and I guess you could say he protected me from getting pecked to death by those dirty birds! LOL

  • restrangled

    Well, Biker Chick

    Apparently we are the only ones with our beloved pets watching over us!

    I hope others have some stories!


  • misanthropic

    Those are some great stories, I've never had a pet save me but I watched something once about a dog that saved a woman who had cancer because he could smell it. He constantly sniffed aggressively where she had cancer (I don't remember I think it was in her leg or arm?), finally she asked her doctor about it. They realized she had cancer and were able to start treatment and save her before it was too late.

  • Virgochik

    Just my fat old lady cat screeching and pouncing on the bed when I get up late! I want to think she's helping me be on time, but in reality, she wants another plate of tuna.

  • looking_glass

    My kitties save me from myself. If I did not have them, I would be a true workaholic. I leave the office because I feel guilty that I have left them home so long w/o some interaction.

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