BC sextuplets on the radio again

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    AM570 just aired a segment on the BC sextuplets again. The guest speaker was Jason Kirby from McLeans Magazine, which has an article on them in this weeks magazine.

    Very good interview, focused on the blood issue, how things have changed with fractions being allowed, how there have been the medical flip flops on organ transplants, vaccinations etc. The word cult was used several times. Talked too about how secretive the JW's are being around this family, he found out where they lived and tried to interview several JW's about them, nobody would say a word.

    Anyway somebody could post the interview like has been done in the past?


  • mouthy

    Yes it was a great interveiw...The WT must be really mad at that sister for causing so much coverage. I had a call from an ex in BC she said it is covered so often there ...My heart has to go out to the Jw couple...There for the grace of god go we!!!!

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