Armageddon ...... a wacko's paradise!

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  • Gill

    Having been a lifetime JW, until the last 5 years, I have to admit to being totally sick to the back teeth about listening to people talk about Armageddon. Doesn't matter who it is....I've no patience for it any more. It's the reslish and blood lust for mass human destruction and greed for their own personal salvation, that people, no matter which religion they are, who believe in 'the end of the world' scenario are totally wacko...but that's in my opinion.

    So, trapped in the car with my Born Again neighbour on a snowy morning, I was totally pissed of to hear his relish for discussing the middle east and the coming conflagaration that would destroy everyone except for the 'saved'!

    I'm a mum of five, BUT that doesn't make me a patient person. But, I felt it wise to shut up and listen to his ramblings on the situation in the Middle East, imminent destruction and how the lord would protect him and his wife and little children when they returned shortly to their missionary work in Israel!

    'The Lord will protect us when the nuclear war in the middle east begins. We know we're going to be there, because that is what the Lord is requiring of us. But we have no fear.'

    Personally, I would never in my wildest dreams take my children somewhere that I believed nuclear war was imminent but.....hey! It takes all sorts!

    Having got out of the car, I felt safe enough to say: 'But surely, all of the Lord's servants from generation to generation are dead. He didn't save any of them and they all died one way or another, despite whatever they believed. Why do you think the Lord would save you and yours from a nuclear blast?

    He was only slightly ruffled at this.

    'The Lord works in mysteious ways and he has helped us in the past and we will be doing his will! Revelation clearly describes a nuclear war taking place shortly in the Middle East and only God's chosen ones will be saved.'

    I looked at his little girl, only eight. I wondered how she would feel about going to a place that her parents believed was shortly to be nuked!

    Someone save us from religious freaks, because to be sure God won't!

  • nicolaou

    I hear you Gill.

    Revelation clearly describes a nuclear war taking place shortly in the Middle East

    So where did he get that from and did he actually use the word clearly? Nothing is clear about that psychotic, semi-hallucinogenic haze called the Book of Revelations!

    Perhaps when you aren't dependant on his good nature you could try and get him to explain himself, might be fun if you can choke down the barf!

  • DannyHaszard
  • Gill

    Nicolaou - Yes! He used the word 'clearly'. He has actually been to Megiddo and 'seen' the place where Armageddon will commence, he says. He takes, obviously, Revelation very literally. It is a sad thing to listen to. It is sad to hear people so obsessed with death, destruction, and even God for that matter.

    You like to think your neighbours are 'normal' people and suddenly you discover a streak of insanity runs deep through their minds and I've been wondering what 'happened to them' to make them feel this need to be the 'sole survivors'.

    Danny - I've just watched the 'Cult' programme. It is fascinating to hear the similarities that the Watchtower has with so many more extreme cults. It seems that the WTBTS is nearly, and even very nearly as bad as any other cult. It is restrained by its own greed to be powerful, rich and respectable. If it wasn't for its huge financial muscle you could see why it would resort to violence in the way other groups feel they need to. But the WTBTS feels it has influence because it has money.... and lots of it. That seems to restrain it to a greater degree.

  • Honesty

    He sounds like he would fit right in at the kingdom hall.

  • Gill

    Honesty - Yes. He does speak a lot like a JW. He praises the JWs moral behaviour but is aware of their Bible fiddling ways and is very critical of that. He also doesn't like how they do not allow discussion of their policies which change a lot. So is quite au fait with Watchtower Land.

    However, I think he is very much 'the pot calling the kettle black' in that he is a biblical literalist, as are so many. He also claims that his religion is the 'true' religion , but that it is not 'a religion' as God hates religions. His is more of a 'bible study group'. Now where the hell have I heard that before.

    The obsession for Armageddon is much the same as JWs and other apocalyptic cults. A

    Funnily enough, suspicion of medicine and doctors is the same as the Watchtower.

    Many times I have heard my parents say how certain other religions belive 'nearly' the same as they do and feel this is a badge of honour and so they must be RIGHT.

    Fascinating how many nuts it takes to make a fruit cake.

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