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  • RAF

    Same message but for different king of belief

    Example to begin about the purpose of this thread:

    For believers

    Since religions have F*ck up the message and that we know that they just want to take Christ’s place in our spirit (Anti-Christ) and therefore know they wont bring anything more appropriate than Christ’s real message

    For Agnostic Atheist

    Since religions have F*ck up people spirituality, and that from our heart we know what is Right or wrong when it comes to real respect of others (means taking care of what can have a very bad impact on anybody else live but also mind our own business – and be able to laugh or not care when something is just laughable or not important).

    For both

    And that we know that disinformation is also a strategic weapon in Politic, and that divided and rule is actually what allows a few to use a lot of people to join their side. Why are we still fighting over words or/and issues?

    Lots of things are obvious but what really get us in trouble most of the time is the fear to lose … but what exactly? When we give a Mother F*cker more power in forgetting how much people will suffer about it (even if it prevent us – but not for very long – to suffer or lose something) we or our children will suffer about it – either because they’ve got a heart, either because it’ll have the effect of a boomerang (maybe not the same problem but a problem)

    What we allow us to do to others is somehow what we allow people to do to us … And we are not supposed to cry about it by then.

    We can vote … ok … but the real solution lays in INFORMATION … I mean against stupid propaganda … before to vote for anyone or anything.

    Oil, Water, Soil (global warming will make lots of continents shorter almost everywhere) … (and we will have to suffer of all the consequences) If we don’t learn to share and to search and accept fair solutions for EVERYBODY (politic / technologies) we are ALL in TROUBLE !!!

    Ok now WHY THIS POST?

    Internet is a gift … It allow people to discuss issues from anywhere with anyoneIt is a part of the solution … and if it’s all about THE MESSAGE for people to agree and not staying divided for egocentric reasons, WHAT WOULD BE YOURS and YOUR WAY TO SPREAD IT?

    Take your time if you want …
    Also you can put little sentence or a whole essay.

    The purpose : taking every good idea for at the end getting DIFFERENT NICE ESSAY. (That any could put on their Blogs or share in any other way with their relatives and neighbours)

    The rule : You can take any once previous idea to put it your way or include it in yours (it’s not about who said what first it’s about saying things in every way possible in thinking that it have to touch different kind of people (so you can use different ways : peaceful, humorous, very serious … your choice)

    Please emphases in Red or Bold what’s really important in the message.

    PS : I'm not sure it is really somthething people want to do, but I think it could be interesting to talk about things in a way we do not have to agree or desagree ... it's not a battle ... it's a put your idea nor lets gets farest thread.

  • Rooster

    This planet is controlled by Satan and thus we have no control over his next move.

  • Mystla

    This planet is controlled by Pres. Bush and thus we have no control over his next move

    (tongue in cheek, guys, tongue in cheek)


  • RAF

    ... ... this was unexpected ... but why not ! it's even interesting to see how you get into this because it is actually a MARKETING JOB

    Let's see what will come out ...

  • PEC

    Pres. Bush = Satan

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