JW Business Cards - Making a False Statement?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    On the business card, right next to the JW dot ORG logo, it distinctly says - TM

    When was this business empire granted the TRADEMARK for their "golden calf"?

    And if they haven't been granted it, aren't they breaking some law over there in the U.S.A.?

    Get on to it folks!

  • stuckinarut2
    Yep...Sadly I heard that the trademark registration in the USA came through.....
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher


    But then again, look at the silver lining and not the cloud - Witnesses who are following men in Brooklyn, will now be compelled to worship & revere the JW icon, since it now "represents" the "true religion"!

    It will be seen on rings & cufflinks, necklaces, & bracelets, and baseball caps at all Witness gatherings - just the way emblems are displayed by Freemasons!

    Thank you un-Faithful Slave, for forcing idolatry on your followers!!!

    Christ's followers in the Kingdom Halls will reject your disgusting perversion!

  • cappytan

    As far as I know, the trademark application has not been awarded.

    However, the TM designation has nothing to do with a registered trademark.

    If the society's application had been awarded, the designation would not be TM, but it would be the circled "R."

  • Glitchy

    JW.ORG - Trademark Details

    Status: 653 - Suspension Letter - Mailed


    What does Status 653 Suspension Letter Mailed mean?

    4. Suspension Letter

    A suspension letter suspends the action on an application. An application may be suspended for a variety of reasons. These include waiting for the disposition of a cited prior pending application to be determined or waiting for an assignment of ownership to be recorded. Applicants do not have to respond to suspension letters.


  • stuckinarut2
    So glitchy, does that mean the org does NOT have the right to use it?
  • Glitchy


    So glitchy, does that mean the org does NOT have the right to use it?

    Perhaps someone here who is familiar with trademark laws can help.

  • Glitchy

    When the trademark is approved it clearly shows that. For example the trademark application for the "Watchtower" with the castle peeking behind the word Watchtower was clearly approved as the trademark events show:

    2012-01-31 REGISTERED - SEC. 8 (10-YR) ACCEPTED/SEC. 9 GRANTED
    2012-02-01 NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE OF SEC. 8 & 9 - MAILED

    here is a link to the events showing the trademark approval:


  • prologos

    There is a difference between displaying the (r) circled and the TM. If the trademark office did not want to REGISTER the logo, then it is wt's unprotected idea alone. With TM , which is honest, they can not stop you from reproducing it by just asking. I know of an inventor who got his personal name into every SEARS store because he owned the (r) trademark on the product's name, not just the patent.

    No (r),-- no respect. TM = too minute.

  • jwleaks

    Documents relating to JW trademark application JW LEAKS

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