valentines day ideas anyone??

by Cordelia 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Cordelia

    this is my first valentines day (at least celebrating it with someone)

    sooooooo any good ideas so it can be a night to remember (on a budget!!)

    not even sure what to get him.

  • JK666

    It isn't that difficult to buy something for Valentine's day for a guy! Anything that he likes, sports, candy, racing etc. will make him happy. If your relationship is further advanced, anything sensual (Victoria's Secret for YOU) would be appreciated. Don't spend a fortune, it isn't necessary! It is the thought that counts.


  • Cordelia

    cheers jk,

    I like the victoria secrets idea, guess stopping in might be the way to go

  • restrangled

    Its not so much what you can get him, but what you can do.

    How about a terrific romantic dinner by candlelight...with a magnificent chocolate cream pie with a large dollop of fresh whipped cream.

    If you need recipes let me know.....

    Before this day, get your hair done, look your best and put on your cutest outfit and serve dinner......that is Valentines day for a man......don't forget the after dinner drinks. Remake the bed with fresh scented sheets and you must be the prettiest, softest thing in them.

    He'll be happy.


  • Paralipomenon

    If you're looking to be unique here's a great idea:

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