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  • Blueblades

    Thinking is difficult. Thinking is complex. And thinking is more than anything else a process with a course or direction, a lapse of time, and a series of steps or stages that lead to some result. To think well is a laborious, often, painstaking process until one becomes accustomed to being " thoughtful."

    Since it is a process, the course or direction may not always be clear cut. Not all the steps or stages are linear, nor are they always in the same sequence. Some are circular and overlap with others. Not everyone seeks to achieve the same result. Given all this, if we are to think well, we must be on guard against simplistic thinking in our approach to analyzing crucial issues and solving the problems of life.

    It is no surprise that many people resist the arduous efforts involved in continually monitoring and revising their thinking. M. Scott Peck,M.D. The Road Less Traveled and Beyond.

    What do you think? Is he thinking correctly?


  • thebiggestlie

    "i think therefore i know!" "true wisdom comes from realizing one knows nothing at all"

  • RAF

    it is a never-ending process (each information have its importance) but the base stays the main focus before to go further (you still have to find it out in each process and level because it's important to not missing the point and because it helps to follow the process of whatever do evoluate).

  • bebu

    Interesting thoughts...

    He forgot to mention that after a while, thinking can give you a really great big headache.

    Even so, I find that being thoughtful is a bit addictive, because so many times the insights you get more than make up for the headaches.

    Thanks for sharing that.


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