He Calls WTS on Prince's JW Status

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  • gespro
  • sandy

    ok, I just called WT and it looks as if they got the okay to confirm that Prince is a Witness.

    It sounded like I was talking to the same WT guy on the video . . .

    He put me on hold for maybe 30 seconds after I asked if Prince is a Witness . . .

    He came back on the line and said "yes to our knowledge he is"

  • gespro

    Hi Sandy

    WOW! R U serious? Did you call the dubs? LOL!!!!!!

    very cool


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    This only confirms that someone called the Watchtower Society and confirmed they would check itno it, it does NOT confirm whether he's a Witness or not.

  • sandy

    Yeah, I really did call. I'm sure they are getting a lot of calls like this. I don't understand why they cannot just say "yes he is a witness". Why tip-toe around it and leave room for doubt.

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