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  • helncon

    Hi all,

    Well i thought i better give an update of some events that have happened over the last few weeks with to a post that i put her about how to get a scriptual divoce on no grounds.

    Was i in for a wide awakening i had a father daughter chat with my dad and it seems that back in july/august last year he was slightly a naughty boy and was 'privately reproved' and that he only just told me on a visit just a few weeks ago. Well was i shocked that this had happen and that if he had told me earlier i think i would have been able to get my head around alot of things a bit easier.

    So now i know how he got a scriptual divorce.

    Anyway this solved one of the mysteries that i had, but then it opened a HUGE problem that my so called witness brother put an allegation to the elders that he was dating someone before he was legally divorced and that they wanted the ins and outs of why he was privately reproved and that it should have been made public if not DF (even though they very rarely attend meetings and that they are in complete different congs). So then my dad had to face the elders in his cong and now what suppose to have been a smooth transition has now been a big delemia to the point of his fiancee is ready to walk away and that they even have had to postpone the wedding till when, no one knows.

    Even i can't believe that all this is happening.

    So i decided to go back where i used to live for a week just to get my bearings on what had happened in 2 days and really i was so angry and bewildered on what the JW are all about vented my anger to my grandfather ( very opposed to the JW never been one) he totally understood and had to shake his head at it all as well.

    Now that i am back i am still angry to my brother that he could do this and still angry to my mum after i had told her not to say anything especially to my brother and now i have lost all trust in them.

    But now i am feeling more settled and getting on with life and that they all have to deal with it and now i am the silent bystander not saying anything.


  • Mystla

    What a mess!! This kind of situation is complicated enough without involving religion.. let alone when you allow religion to dictate how it turns out.

    Take lots of deep breaths, be glad you can see it from the outside instead of being in the center.

    A few years from now this will all be history. Try not to worry about things you can't change (easier said than done, I know!)


  • UnConfused

    I read posts like yours Helcon and I just want to toss my hands up in the air and shake my head. Otherwise smart folks and family no less. The WT turns so many in little brown shirts.

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