Saudi Arabians crack down on western party

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  • greendawn

    Recently in Saudi Arabia the moral police cracked down on a party organised and attended by Westerners. Two hundred people were arrested and charged with violations of the law because of 1. Drinking alcohol 2. unmarried men and women were freely mixing together 3. men and women were dancing indecently. Finally the 20 party organisers were prosecuted and condemned to receiving lashes and prison time though they can appeal. I say there are countries still living in the middle ages, what in the West is standard and totally innocent fun to the sharia moslems is some sort of crime. It would have been a funny story had it not been so real.

  • Mystla

    Sounds like they have been taking lessons from the Elders.. or visa versa...

    I remember friends getting in trouble for the exact same reasons.. alchohol, dancing "lewdly" and mixing freely with members of the opposite sex. And this was the '80's and 90's!


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