JW`s Do they believe in their interpretation of the Bible ? And how many interpretations are they allowed before they get it right.

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  • smiddy

    Charles Taze Russell and the International Bible Students Association teachings with their interpretation of the Holy Scriptures are deemed old light., in other words not worth the paper their words are printed on.

    " Judge " Joseph F. Rutherford who succeeded C.T.Russell as the president of the I.B.S.A. and then proceeded to re-name them as Jehovah Witness proceeded to implement his own interpretation of the Holy Bible , which is now deemed old light , and not worth the paper they are written on.

    Apparently Fred Franz ,/ Nathan H . Knorr and their approved writings are no longer considered anything but old light .

    And their have been nu-lite /old lite -nu-lite during these past 20 years

    What does it take for a Jehovah Witness to start using / exercising ones brain .

    I ask you


  • Vidiot

    Whether they actually believe their interpretation, or how many interpretations are allowed is actually irrelevant.

    It's "listening, obeying, and being blessed" that matters.

  • DesirousOfChange

    What does it take for a Jehovah Witness to start using / exercising ones brain .

    My observation is that it usually takes someone to offend them on a personal level. Then they begin to question the "love" or rather, the "lack of love" in the Congregation/Organization and the dominoes slowly start to fall -- one-by-one.

    No "fruitage of the spirit" means "no spirit direction" means it's not God's Org it's just an Org of pious men who keep getting shit wrong.

    If they are wrong on one thing............how many other things are wrong?


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  • Magnum
    What does it take for a Jehovah Witness to start using / exercising ones brain?

    I wonder about that literally almost every day. Of my JW relatives, two are relatively smart and somewhat reasonable. I wonder what's really going on in their heads. Do they secretly recognize that something's wrong? Do they suppress doubts? Do they really 100%ly believe it all? I'd love to know.

    I also wonder about the handful of other smart JWs I know. Two are elders, and both have made comments to me indicating they think something is wrong.

    The issue you raise is part of the reason I monitor the situation in JWdom closely. It's really interesting and I'm curious about whether more will wake up - especially the smarter ones. It seems to me that somewhere in their minds, they have to sense that something is wrong.

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