Prince halftime show

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  • JWdaughter

    Let's go crazy. . .obviously is asking for the audience to join the WT with him! :)

    That is the first of four, the rest can be found to the right of the show.

  • JWdaughter

    Ok, I watched all four. Wait till you get to the last one. What was THAT all about?

    There was this little short balding guy name 'Brother Dent' at my congregation when I was growing up. He was a MS and then an elder. He used to wear a suit in a very similar color (with the shirt even!) to the one Prince was wearing. But that was in the 70's. Then it was awful, polyester and homemade. The colors were ok on Prince, but the cut. . .kind of middle aged-did he grow a big butt or something? I was never a prince fan esp. and even less so now, but he sure aged well!

    I wonder if he combs his hair the way all the other JWs do when he goes to the KH? Or if he wears staid, boring suits? Does he have an entourage-like the twins? Do they wear the short skirts and go go boots? I should be in bed instead of wondering stupid things. G'nite everyone!

  • gespro

    Hey There I'm posting this again on this thread just in case it get bypassed on the other thread. My wife's blog is getting hits from the oddest places for her post [probably dubs]. Check it out....

  • Free

    I have to say that Prince right now is one of the best guitar players alive. (not that ever lived) but I doubt that if he truly is a dub the elders in his hall (at least the ones with sticks up there asses) aren't to pleased with him all wanting to be friends with the world and all that. He may need counseling.

  • tijkmo

    yes the 'all along the watchtower' was an interesting choice

    probably a kind of subliminal advertising

    just a shame he didnt follow it up with 'can i get a witness'

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