prince born again?? newspaper says so?

by moomanchu 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • moomanchu

    The NFL pooh-bahs hate surprises. They're in the business of selling advertising time, and they want a halftime show anchored by celebrity artists who won't cause them or their corporate sponsors any trouble. Last year, Sprint shelled out $12 million to sponsor an appearance by the Stones. Sunday when the Bears play the Colts, it's Prince's turn. Though he once specialized in sexually explicit performances, Prince is now the ideal Super Bowl halftime entertainer: A born-again Christian and Vegas act with a trove of hits ready to be dusted off.

  • Junction-Guy

    Sounds like this person may be confused about Prince's religion. I havent heard about Prince becoming a born again christian, he's still a JW as far as I know.

  • DanTheMan

    Prince is now the safe choice, how f*cked up is that?

    The person who wrote the article must not have researched it much, or isn't aware that JW's never ever never refer to themselves as BA.

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