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    “I think not that so many are saved.
    Or what do you mean

    The film is ready.
    Friday the 2.9.2007 at 14.00 hours I finish the work on it

    So long can this one still would like everybody to give his OK and participating in the film.

    If God wants, he is the 2-10-2007 on Saturday at 12.00 hours online

    Here the promised story board.

    and further Snapshots

    “Moreover, stop judging,
    and YOU will by no means be judged;
    and stop condemning,
    and YOU will by no means be condemned.
    Keep on releasing, and YOU will be released.
    (Luke 6:37)

    ‘Truly I say to YOU,
    To the extent that YOU did it to one of the least of these my brothers,
    YOU did it to me.’
    (Mattew 25:40)

    In the film one sees convention films of mine camera super8
    „Victorious faith“ of 1978.

    „…men, too, indulging in dreams…
    …Yet these [men] are speaking abusively of all the things they really do not know…
    …shepherds that feed themselves without fear…
    … wild waves of the sea that foam up their own causes for shame;
    stars with no set course,
    for which the blackness of darkness stands reserved forever.“
    (Jude 8 -13)

    “Obstinate men and uncircumcised in hearts and ears,
    YOU are always resisting the holy spirit;
    as YOUR forefathers did, so YOU do.
    Which one of the prophets did YOUR forefathers not persecute?
    Yes, they killed those who made announcement in advance
    concerning the coming of the righteous One,
    whose betrayers and murderers YOU have now become,
    YOU who received the Law as transmitted by angels but have not kept it.” :
    “Look! I behold the heavens opened up and the Son of man standing at God’s right hand.”
    (Acts 7:51, 56)

    On this they killed Stephanus.
    Your own brother.
    And believed God with that unite please to work.

    System of informers

    Secret tribunals


    This one would like everybody still gets a place in the film.
    This then would look so for example:

    or so:

    „…were to be reported…”
    WT 10.15 1999 p. 19

    Further Nickname examples

    Or this

    Or this

    The nodding name then appears in the credits once again.

    Although ready but with everybody this one is goes more impressive.

    Now another week.
    Until next Friday I load everybody, this one wants to go along with that.

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