First 27" 2560 x 1440 144Hz G-sync IPS-type panel

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  • glenster
  • 88JM

    Wow umm okay - not the sort of post I'm used to seeing on JWN, but incidentally that is an awesome monitor.

    Bit of a shame it doesn't have HDMI

  • Caedes
    The second link states it does have HDMI? That is a bit confusing
  • 88JM

    TFT Central shows you photos of the underside and there is quite clearly no HDMI, as they state.

    TFT Central is a great site - very thorough reviews, so I would definitely trust them over any forum.

    The Asus website product page agrees too:

    Also it looks like they're doing a 28" 4K resolution version - sweet!

  • glenster
    You need Displayport 1.3 (and a powerful GPU or two) for a high refresh rate
    with a 4K version. And a couple moneybags wouldn't hurt. It might pay to wait
    a bit for prices to come down and new GPUs to come out.
  • Simon

    Yeah, DisplayPort is almost mandatory for 4k otherwise you are messing around with Dual HDMI. Go with the newer, faster, simpler standard.

    I got a 4k monitor and it's really nice to use. I rarely run it at the native resolution of course (everything is way too tiny) but it gives you Retina-like display with super-crisp text.

    Funny how we're now getting back to proper high-def displays. I remember when 1080 TVs came out and the marketing sold them as "high def". Next thing all computer displays were being shrunk to 1080 (1200 and 1600 vertical res was common before) under the guise of being "new" and "high def".

    4k is like 4x 1080 displays stuck together.

  • 88JM

    Also hopefully monitors with AMD's FreeSync will be coming out later in the year too and they might have HDMI as well as DisplayPort - maybe best to wait on this one, but nice to see monitor manufacturers at least trying to keep pace - they've been very stagnant lately.

    I'd much rather have an AMD/ATI card anyway - I still haven't forgiven nVidia for the "bumpgate" fiasco and lying.

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