I thought my friend might be able to handle some REAL truth-Nope!

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  • Rayvin

    This friend of mine that I have known since..birth ... doesn't go to meetings anymore. She hasn't for a while and the only problem she has is that she has no friends. She plays the lottery.. --oooohhhh-- and lets her kids attend b-day parties. So today i just asked if she thinks the only reason you get Df'd is if you are repentant. She thinks that is true. I explained mine and my hubbys situation and how that isn't always true. Then I vented about how my dad quit going to the meetings to take care of my mom and no one comes by to visit or be friends unless they are out in service and doing sheparding calls. - her response lets me know she isn't going to the meetings but she is still full blooded JW. " This system we live in is hard"--- Ugh.. she used that tag word! Why did she have to use THAT word. She went on to say if maybe she moved to her brother that goes to the meeting regularly they might be motivated to attend and finally have friends again. - Oh well.. we are still friends but i realize that for now she isn't open for that kind of discussion.. bummer


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Strange how people don't believe in the teachings of jws enough to live them, but still are enslaved mentally. Shows how strong the brainwashing is. They think there can't be something wrong with the religion, so it must be them. Such a sorry state of mind to be in.

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